Experienced as well as high-value investors are now eligible to apply for New Zealand’s Active Investor Plus visa, which has been designed to build successful New Zealand businesses.

The decision has been confirmed by Economic Development Minister Stuart Nash and Immigration Minister Michael Wood, following the Government’s Immigration Rebalance strategy, VisaGuide.World reports.

“The new visa replaces the previous investor visa categories, which often resulted in investment into passive asset classes such as bonds rather than investing directly into Kiwi companies, meaning a missed opportunity to encourage investment that delivers real benefits to our economy,” Immigration Minister Michael Wood pointed out in this regard.

Wood said the country is looking forward to encouraging active investment in New Zealand, which also contributes to more high-skilled jobs and economic growth compared to passive investment.

According to the Minister, the new visa category would also help the country leverage the skills and experience of migrants who will bring access to the global network as well as other markets in order to help New Zealand’s businesses grow faster and smarter.

“The new visa category will help to bring to the country investors that wish to invest in the country for the long term, bringing their skills and experience to helping to increase our productivity and competitiveness and supporting our transition to a high wage, productive economy,” the Minister added.

Wood added that all those who make investments into New Zealand firms would be eligible for the new visa with a total of $5 million investment.

It has also been reported that direct investments will have the highest weighting; at the same time, those who invest less will be required to invest more capital. It has been confirmed that the minimum amount investment required in indirect investments will be $15 million.

The Economic Development Minister Stuart Nash also welcomed the introduction of such a visa, considering that it is a win-win for businesses in New Zealand and migrant investors.

“Investors have the opportunity to make an investment in smart and innovative New Zealand businesses, while Kiwi businesses will benefit from these investors’ human capital, global knowledge, and market connections. This will make New Zealand more competitive in the international marketplace and take our businesses to the next level,” Nash emphasized.

Previously, authorities in New Zealand announced that they would launch a new investor visa that would replace the old investment visa categories while stressing that it also requires internationals to invest in Kiwi businesses.

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