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New Zealand to Introduce New Immigration Bill Allowing Broad Visa Changes

The New Zealand government has decided to introduce a new bill to Parliament, in order to support more efficient visa changes, amid the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). The government has decided to temporarily amend immigration law in an effort to make it more flexible during the Coronavirus crisis, VisaGuide.World reports. According to the Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway, the bill would offer pragmatic solutions, adding that one of the practical challenges is to quickly manage visa changes for large [...]

New Zealand Rejected Over 2500 Visa Exception Requests

The New Zealand government has declined a total of 2,518 visa exception requests during coronavirus, out of 3,157 applications received. Thousands of persons have been ineligible to apply for exemptions due to the country's strict measures taken in a bid to fight the coronavirus pandemic, VisaGuide.World reports. The latest government decision aims to help a handful of groups - partners and children of citizens, Australian citizens, and essential health workers - the chance to travel to New [...]

COVID-19: INZ Urges Stranded Internationals With Expired Visas to Contact the Agency

Immigration New Zealand has urged international citizens stranded in the country, whose visas are expiring before April 1, to contact the agency urgently. Border closures and travel restrictions applied by most world countries, amid coronavirus pandemic, have left a massive number of foreign citizens stuck in New Zealand. Some of them have even run out of money to pay for food and accommodation VisaGuide.World reports. Immigration New Zealand encouraged all international citizens who need to renew their [...]

NZ: Int’l Students and Temporary Visa-Holders Can Now Work Full-Time in Supermarkets

In a bid to fill the gaps of the work-force in the supermarkets, New Zealand has decided to allow international students and temporary visa-holders to work full-time, through a new relaxation issued by the Immigration New Zealand, to tackle the spread of coronavirus pandemic. For a period of 30 days, the new changes that have been made to immigration instructions will be applied for two groups of current supermarket employees, Visa Guide. World reports. The instructions of [...]

New Zealand Explains Visa Extensions Amid Coronavirus

After the border closure due to coronavirus pandemic, New Zeland has now introduced visa extensions that will be applied under extreme circumstances, published on the New Zealand Immigration web. Extensions amid coronavirus ‘uncontrollable situation’ include humanitarian reasons, essential health workers, essential workers agreed by the Government, residence visa holders travelling to New Zealand, and Australian citizens and permanent residents who normally live in New Zealand, VisaGuide.World reads. Humanitarian cases, such as a family reunion, will be exempted [...]

New Zealand Extends Temporary Visas Due to Coronavirus

Foreigners stranded in New Zealand whose temporary visas are will be expiring before April 1, will be eligible to extend them to late September, amid coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern announced at a press conference. "Travellers with a temporary work student visa and limited interim visa expiring before 1 April 2020, who are unable to leave NZ will be able to stay legally," Ardern pointed out, VisaGuide.World reports. Yesterday, Winston Peters, Foreign Minister [...]

Chinese Students in NZ Concerned with Visa Complications Arising from Coronavirus Outbreak

Chinese students in New Zealand are concerned with a recent decision of New Zealand to close its borders to any foreign arriving from China, including those who passed through in transit, because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Students worry that if they aren’t in New Zealand on time, their visas will expire or get canceled. In a pronouncement for Radio New Zealand (RNZ), student Mars Cai of Victoria University of Wellington said that if the new orders for travel [...]

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New Zealand Updates Its Pathway Student Visa Pilot

The current pilot Pathway Student Visa for New Zealand will go through some changes in 2021 when the program is set to become a permanent visa category. The Immigration Authorities of New Zealand have decided to introduce two new rules into the program, the first of which is for education providers and the second for visa applicants. According to a notice published by Immigration NZ, starting from January 2021, education providers in New Zealand will be eligible [...]

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Immigration New Zealand and Google Take Action Against NZeTA Rip-off Websites

Immigration Authorities of New Zealand will be taking legal actions against third-party websites which have been ripping off travelers to New Zealand by offering them ‘NZeTA visa’ or ‘assistance’ to apply, and charging travelers multiple times more than the actual price of an electronic travel authorization for the island country. Non-official eTA websites started popping all over the internet, only a few weeks after the New Zealand government announced it would launch an electronic system to grant [...]

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Nationals of 60 Countries Now Need Travel Authorization for New Zealand

As of Tuesday this week, October 1, nationals of 60 world countries that up until now have been permitted to enter New Zealand for tourism purposes with only a passport will need to apply for and receive a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) for entry. The scheme, which the government decided to establish in a bid to improve security by reducing immigration risks, addressing smuggling and biosecurity risks, is very similar to the US Electronic System [...]

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