Mongolian holders of diplomatic and official passport will be allowed to enter Switzerland visa-free from now on, after the Mongolian Foreign Minister Damdin Tsogtbaatar and his Swiss counterpart Ignazio Cassis signed a deal last week.

According to a press issue released by the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs the deal was signed during a visit of Swiss Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis.

During the meeting, both officials exchanged views on a wide range of issues and talked about the strengthening of cooperation and bilateral ties between Switzerland and Mongolia. This is the first time a Swiss minister has visited the country since the two established diplomatic relations in 1964.

“Signing a visa facilitation agreement is a step toward greater mobility and will strengthen relations between our two countries,” Federal Councillor Cassis told to reporters.

Currently, Mongolian passport holders can visit 55 countries visa free, according to the 2018 Henley Passport Index, however they can visit only Belarus, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine in the continent of Europe. While Swiss passport holders can visit 176 countries without the necessity to obtain a visa first, making it the fifth most powerful passport in the world.

Tsogtbaatar and Cassis also signed another agreement in Ulaanbaatar, regarding readmission of Mongolian nationals remaining in Switzerland without a permission. By signing this agreement, Mongolia has pledged to take back its nationals living in Switzerland without a legal permit. The agreement will affect around one hundred out of a thousand Mongolians living in Switzerland.

During his visit in Mongolia, Federal Councillor Cassis also met with the Mongolian finance minister, Chimed Khurelbaatar, and also the President Battulga Khaltmaa. He was also able to see from close the work of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and visited one of the 20 schools and kindergartens that will be renovated thanks to a Swiss project.

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