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Kazakhstan Closes Border Crossing Points With Four Countries

The Kazakhstan government has decided to temporarily close all the border crossing points with China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, amid coronavirus outbreak,  the Border Service of the National Security Committee announced. The decision to close the crossing points will take effect from April 4, until further notice, VisaGuide.World reports. On March 16, Khazakstan’s President Kassym Jomart Tokayevi introduced a state of emergency, restricting the entry and the exit through state border’s for its citizens and internationals, except [...]

COVID-19: Kazakhstan Temporarily Suspends Visa-Free Regime

Foreign citizens will be ineligible to enter Kazakhstan until July 1, due to a recent decision of the country to suspend the visa-free regime amid coronavirus pandemic. Kazakhstan’s government move has been put in place on March 16, after the first two cases of citizens infected by the virus were identified on March 13,  VisaGuide.World reports. Kazakhstan’s President Kassym Jomart Tokayevi introduced a state emergency on March 16, which will last until April 15, 2020. According to [...]

Kazakh President Suggests Single Visa Regime and Migration Rules for All CIS Countries

The President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev proposed during the last meeting of the Council of Heads of States of the Commonwealth Independent States (CIS), the establishment of a single visa regime and migration rules for the territory of the CIS countries. During the summit, which was attended by the leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, President Tokayev said that the regime could resemble the Schengen regime, and enable foreigners to enter [...]

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Kazakhstan Expands List of Visa-Free Countries

The government of Kazakhstan has decided to expand its visa-free program to 61 countries, permitting their nationals to enter the country and stay there for a specific period of time without the need of getting a visa beforehand. According to the Migration Service Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, the government has expanded the list of visa-free countries with 19 more, on a bilateral basis. The move has reportedly been taken in a bid [...]

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Kazakhstan proposes establishment of “Asian Schengen Zone” and “Silk Visa”

The Kazakh authorities have suggested to Uzbekistan the establishment of an "Asian Schengen" zone, as well as the creation of a universal visa for the Central Asian countries. According to the proposal, the establishment of a common visa called the Silk Visa would enable foreigners to visit five countries of this region, which are: Turkmenistan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Tajikistan The proposal has been brought up by the chairperson of Kazakhstan’s Senate Committee for International Relations, Defense and [...]