The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to introduce a smartphone application-based system to quicken the visa application process for travelers from China coming to Japan.

According to Ministry’s plan, the Chinese visa applicants will have to use their smartphone cameras to photograph the passport pages with their details: name, surname, personal number, passport number and other information.

All the information will be automatically processed into the application forms and create QR codes. These automatic forms will need to be printed and then submitted to the Japanese Embassy in Beijing and other consulates in China when applying for a visa.

These new measures have been undertaken after a record of 4.23 million Chinese travelers obtained Japanese visas in 2016. The Japanese consulates in China have had to perform time-consuming tasks by entering handwritten information into computers, which has slightly slowed down the visa application processing.

Chinese travelers make a quarter of visitors in Japan. While Koreans top the lists for visits to Japan, China is positioned the second in this regard. Since September 2017 to February 2018, 716,400 Chinese visitors have entered Japan.

Statistics show that during the above mentioned period the following nationals have visited Japan:

  • Korea – 708,300 Visits
  • China – 716,400 Visits
  • Taiwan – 400,900 Visits
  • Hong Kong – 178,500 Visits
  • Thailand – 82,000 Visits
  • Singapore – 23,500 Visits
  • Malaysia – 35,300 Visits
  • Indonesia – 21,100 Visits
  • Philippines – 27,500 Visits
  • Vietnam- 23,400 Visits
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