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Japan to Reinforce Screening of Visa Applications to Hinder Technology Theft

Aiming to strengthen national economic security, the Japanese government has introduced more rigorous rules regarding visa applications for international students and persons seeking to carry out research at universities in Japan. Japan’s government has announced the move, expressing its commitment to work more towards issues related to economic security during the next fiscal year. The decision will enter into force during the next academic year, while the move was undertaken after concerns that students studying in Japan [...]

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Japan to Permit International Long-Term Visa Holders to Enter From October

Authorities in Japan have decided to gradually permit entry for internationals who have recently obtained long-term visas, starting from October, as a part of the country’s effort to relax further the imposed restrictions, Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has announced. Even though Prime Minister Suga did not clarify which nationalities would be the first one to benefit from this decision, he said that it would include internationals with the appropriate visas, students and dependent visas, VisaGuide.World reports. [...]

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Japan to Permit Re-Entry of Visa Holders From Next Month

Authorities in Japan are discussing the possibility to permit international visa holders to re-enter the country from next month, according to Japan's national broadcasting network NHK. In April, Japan banned the entry for citizens from 146 countries in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, VisaGuide.World reports. Due to the entry bans and travel restrictions imposed by a large share of countries, amid the Coronavirus outbreak, the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau received many requests [...]

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Japan Extends Visa Suspensions Until End of May Due to Coronavirus

The Japanese Government has decided to extend the visa suspension process for foreign citizens until the end of May, in a bid to tackle the spread of Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). On April 1, the Foreign Ministry announced that it had suspended visas and short-stay visa waivers for more than 100 countries until at least the end of April, as part of measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus, VisaGuide.World reports. On March, 93 per cent [...]

Internationals Stranded in Japan Ask Visa Extensions Amid Coronavirus

The Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau has received a large number of requests from internationals stranded in the country asking to extend their visas amid coronavirus pandemic. Due to coronavirus, a large share of countries worldwide have cancelled flights and banned entry for foreigners in an effort to tackle the spread of the infection, VisaGuide.World reports. The Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau has had an increasing number of requests, mostly due to the fact that the new fiscal year [...]

Japan-Russia Visa-Free Program to Be Postponed Due to Coronavirus

The visa-free exchange program between Japan and Russia will be put off this year, due to coronavirus pandemic, the Japanese government announced. The Japanese part seeks to begin this year's exchanging program in July, though the program normally starts in May, but the Russian government is concerned that the infection could be spread during the activity, VisaGuide.World reports. However, on March 12, the governments of both countries planned to hold a meeting in Sakhalin, Russia to discuss [...]

Japan to Ban Entry for Foreign Travelers

Japan has decided to temporarily suspend entry for nationals of several countries that are profoundly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, in a bid to halt the spread of the deadly virus. Countries that will be included in Japan’s entry ban will be China, South Korea, three areas of Spain, some areas of Switzerland, Iceland, as well as Indonesia and the US. The government plans to restrict the entry for all non-residents who have been in one of [...]

Japan Restricts Non-Essential Travel Abroad Due to Coronavirus

The Japanese Government has asked its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel abroad, as they fight to stop the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Japan’s Foreign Ministry has raised its travel advisory alert for the whole world to Level 2 (out of a four-level scale), marking the first time Japan has raised the travel alert so high. “The aim is to inform people who are planning to travel of the risks and prevent any trouble,” a [...]

Japan Has Invalidated Visas Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Japan has joined the countless other countries that have imposed severe travel restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe announced that starting from March 21, 2020, and until the end of April, travellers from 38 countries (including EU countries) have to self-quarantine for 14 days after their arrival. During this two week period, they are also not allowed to use public transportation in Japan. Moreover, the Japanese Foreign Ministry [...]

Tokyo Olympics Postponed to 2021 Due to Coronavirus

The Tokyo Olympics have been postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Summer Olympics, as well as the Paralympic Games, were both scheduled to be held in Tokyo from June to September 2020. According to a joint statement by Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and the International Olympic Committee (ICO) president, Thomas Bach they have been postponed to summer of 2021 at the latest. "[The Olympics] must be rescheduled to a date beyond 2020 but [...]