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Ireland to Call Off Its Visa Re-Entry System for IRP/GNIB Card Holders Next Month

Ireland has finally decided to abolish its much-criticized re-entry visa system for foreigners holding an Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) card. According to a press release by the Ministry of Justice and Equality, the abolition will come into effect on May 13th, 2019. Applicants who intend to travel and return to Iceland before this date will be able to get their re-entry visa, free of charge. The Minister for Justice and Equality, [...]

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British Demand for Irish Passports Almost Doubled

Ever since Britain voted to leave the European Union, the number of Britons applying to get an Irish passport has been increasing constantly. Alongside with the rise in the number of applications filed, the number of refused applications has increased as well. Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond was provided with the latest statistics by the Irish Embassy in London. The statistics show that while in 2015 there were 46,229 applications, the number has risen to 80,752 in [...]

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Ireland’s new re-entry visa application system alarms students

Ireland's decision to abandon the online appointment system for re-entry visas has sparked outrage among international students in the country. Foreigners on a visa in Ireland, who wish to leave the country for a short period, need to obtain re-entry visas, in order to be permitted to enter the country again. Ireland ceased to accept walk-in applications for re-entry visas in 2015, and introduced online applications instead. Now the Irish authorities have overturned these changes, returning to [...]

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