Authorities in India granted only 200 e-visas to citizens of Afghanistan last year, out of a total of 60,000 visa applications, a recent report provided by Nation World news reads.

The same notes that Afghanistan’s designated United Nations ambassador, Suhail Shaheen started appealing to New Delhi to permit its embassy in Kabul to offer its services again, promising to make arrangements for the security of Indian nationals, VisaGuide.World reports.

On August 15 last year, the Taliban captured Kabul, causing significant problems in terms of visa policy for Afghan students and patients, in particular.

“When the United States evacuated 150,000 to 160,000 Afghans when the European Union evacuated about 100,000 Afghans – and the US is three to four times smaller than India in population, and at a distance Which is ten times more than the distance from India to Afghanistan, India has given only 200 e-visas,” Afghanistan’s Ambassador Farid Mamundzay pointed out in this regard.

Indian e-visa is an online visa designed for visitors from a large number of countries worldwide. It permits international visitors from other countries to apply using a computer or a mobile device connected to the internet and receive their visa for India through email.

It can be granted to internationals interested in entering India for tourism, short-term medical treatment and business purposes and has been projected in order to make the process of obtaining a visa to India easier.

Such a visa was introduced as the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), which became available at first for citizens of a total of 40 countries. Since then, it has been expanded, and now it is granted to nationals of a total of 169 countries. On April 1 2017, ETA was renamed the e-visa.

According to Shaheen, 200 visas mean that only four to five visas were given to every million.

“The population of Afghanistan is 40 million. Two hundred visas mean that only four to five visas were given for every million. The entire population can’t have turned into Taliban overnight,” Shaheen pointed out.

According to an article by the former Deputy Editor of Outlook magazine, just last month, a large number of students demonstrated outside the embassy in Kabul demanding e-visas.

The same stressed that based on media reports, more than 2,500 students from Afghanistan are desperate to return to educational campuses located in India in order to pursue their studies. They had applied for e-visas no sooner than it was introduced.

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