Foreign citizens coming from China will be unable to visit India, due to a decision of the government canceling all the existing visas for Chinese citizens and those who have been to China in the last two weeks.

The number of 150 passengers that were touched by the deadly coronavirus, pushed the Health Minister of India, Harsh Vardhan to cancel all visas issued to Chinese citizens and those recently visiting the country where the Coronavirus outbreak first started, VisaGuide.World reports.

“As of today, a total of 1,275 flights have been screened covering a total of 1,39,539 passengers, and 150 passengers identified with symptoms have been referred to isolation facilities,” the health minister said.

According to the Health Minister Vardhan, existing visas are not valid for foreigners who are traveling from China, and that they “henceforth will be quarantined on return.”

The External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar said that there are currently 80 Indians in Wuhan, the center of the deadly coronavirus outbreak. 10 of which were not permitted by the Chinese authorities to travel back to India, due to a suspicious fever. 70 of them have voluntarily stayed back.

By now 647 Indians and 7 Maldivian nationals have been evacuated from China and after the evacuation, the people are presently undergoing quarantine at special facilities.

“After the evacuation, the people are presently undergoing quarantine at special facilities created by the Indian Army in Manesar and by Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) in Chawla Camp,” Health Minister of India, pointed out that all of them have tested negative and are stable.

After a big number of questions addressed to the Embassy of India whether the validity of visas from Chinese citizens is still valuable, the Embassy of India clarified that all the existing visas are no longer valid.

A number of 262 symptomatic travelers have been isolated and monitored, in order to prevent the outbreak of the virus. So far the number of total cases in China is about 42,000.

At the same time, the number of world countries restricting entry for Chinese nationals is increasing each day, with most of the developed countries having taken measures already, including Australia, the US, Schengen members, New Zealand, etc.

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