The German Interior, Labour and Economy ministries have agreed to facilitate the process of getting a job and moving to Germany for skilled workers. The idea behind the move is to fill job shortages in the largest European economy. According to the Federal Labour Office, currently 1.2 million jobs remain unfilled in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Reportedly, the German cabinet will soon decide on the proposal by the German Interior, Labour and Economy ministries, to make it easier for workers from outside the EU to take a job in Germany. The paper is to be presented to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet on August 29.

According to this proposal, companies are no longer obliged to look for German workers, before giving a chance to those coming from non-EU countries.

“We will adjust the federal government’s concept of skilled labor and focus on three areas: domestic, European and international skilled worker potentials,” the paper quotes Interior Minister Horst Seehofer to have said.

Non-EU nations wishing to work in Germany will still have to fulfill some requirements as language knowledge, educational and professional qualifications. In addition, they will not have access to social welfare benefits, but will still be permitted to work in jobs for which they are overqualified.

Currently Germany has two types of work visas: the German Employment visa for people who have already found a job in Germany, and the German Job Seeker visa, for people who wish to enter Germany to find a job.  However, these two sources seem not to bring enough skilled labor to the country.

In 2015, Germany put its hopes on filling labor gaps on a million refugees it opened its doors to. Still, the process has slowed due to the inability of most of these people to prove their qualifications and lack of German language knowledge.

The Western European country is not the only one facing job shortages. The UK government has been criticized a lot by the public, and critics of May’s anti-immigration policies.  However, on June 15th, the UK Immigration agencies announced several changes to the immigration rules and laws. Among others, the much sought after removal of visa cap for nurses and doctors.

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