Critical statements over China’s human rights issues have cost to two groups of German lawmakers with their visas.

According to the Bundestag, the German Parliament, its human rights committee has been denied entry to Beijing, Tibet and the western region of Xinjiang. At the same time the digital affairs committee has annulled a scheduled trip to China after another MP, Margarete Bause, is barred for speaking out on China’s rights record.

“The message is plain and simple: China does not welcome any politicians who are biased against it,” a diplomatic source in Europe told the South China Morning Post, while the Chinese embassy in Germany refused to comment the issue.

Margarete Bause, a German opposition lawmaker for the Green Party, was part of the digital affairs committee which had a scheduled visit in April, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. The comitee cancelled the trip after Bause was barred from entering China. The MP has been very active calling out on human rights abuses in China, for which she says has been monitored for a decade

“China wants to show that anyone who wants to travel to the country should kindly shut up. I’ve experienced such attempts to intimidate me for over a decade – but the pressure is increasing,” she said previously.

Michael Brand from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc (CDU/CSU) had also called on the German government to stand up to China over its decision to block Bause from entering the coutnry.

“It is absolutely clear that if the federal government and the Bundestag show deference instead of standing up tall, then we will only encourage the authoritarian communists in China to further attempts of blackmail,” Brand said.


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