EU Passports Amongst the Strongest in the World

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EU Passports Amongst the Strongest in the World

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The EU passports remain amongst the most powerful in the world, the latest update to the Henley passport index shows.  However, Asian passports are at the very top of the list.

The Henley passport index is a list of world passports, which ranks passports from the most powerful to the weakest, based on how many other countries one can visit with that passport visa-free or with a visa-on-arrival/e-visa.

The list is updated annually on a fixed date, based on data provided by the International Air Transport Authority (IATA). It includes 199 different passports and 227 different travel destinations.

The German and French passports are the most powerful EU passports, listed as the third most powerful in the world. A German or French passport holder can visit 188 world countries without a regular visa, or by only obtaining a visa-on-arrival or an e-visa.

Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden are listed just a position below, the forth in the list, with their citizens capable of visiting 187 countries without the need to obtain a regular visa.

Worst performing is Croatia, the latest member of the EU, which is listed in the 20th position. Its citizens can enter in 168 countries without having to go through the trouble of obtaining a visa. However, compared to the rest of the world countries Croatia is among the best performing ones in this list.

Following find the full list of how the EU countries have been placed in this list and the number of countries their citizens can visit without a visa:

  • Germany, France – 3rd position – 188 countries
  • Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden – 4th position – 187 countries
  • Luxembourg, Spain – 5th position – 186 countries
  • Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom – 6th position – 185 countries
  • Belgium, Greece, Ireland – 7th position – 184 countries
  • Czech Republic, Malta – 9th position – 182 countries
  • Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia – 11th position – 180 countries
  • Estonia – 12th position – 179 countries
  • Poland – 15th position – 174 countries
  • Cyprus – 16th position – 173 countries
  • Bulgaria, Romania – 19th position – 169 countries
  • Croatia – 20th position – 168 countries

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