The number of foreigners who stayed in the Czech Republic temporarily or permanently last year has increased, the Interior Ministry of the country revealed last week.  

The number rose for another 28,950 foreigners last year, reaching a number of 595,881 foreign persons that legally entered in 2019, the Interior Ministry pointed out in the official website, VisaGuide.World reports.

Among the foreigners registered, about one-half of them entered the Czech Republic for a temporary stay; meanwhile, the others entered the country to stay permanently, under purposes like employment, family reunification, and study.

A number of 145,518 foreigners who entered for temporary or permanent stay were from Ukraine, while another 121,278 were from Slovakia.

Vietnam citizens account for 10 per cent of foreigners entering and staying legally in the Czech Republic, with a number of 61,952, followed by: 

  • Russian citizens – 38,207

  • Poland citizens – 21,767

  • Germans citizens – 21,487 

  • Bulgarians citizens  – 17,183 

  • Romanians citizens – 16,824

  • Mongolians citizens – 9,851 

  • British citizens – 8,332

Unregistered EU citizens and foreigners with a legal stay on the basis of the Schengen visas are not included in the total number of these statistics.

About 1,922 applications have been recorded for international protection, according to the Interior Ministry statement, adding that there has been a 13 per cent increment compared to the previous year.

According to the Interior Ministry, 61 foreigners have been granted with asylum while there were 86 additional protection statuses granted during last year.

Over 5,677 illegally staying foreigners were discovered by the immigration office last year. The number has increased compared to 2018, for more than 685 cases.

The largest share of illegal stayers was from Ukraine, followed by Moldova and Vietnam.

Over 5,174 foreigners with illegal stayers were caught by the police, during last year, compared to 4,653 in 2018.

Among the illegal staying cases were also foreigners who came to the Czech Republic legally but then stayed in after the permitted time expired.

The number of foreigners with a residence permit in the Czech Republic, according to the report on migration in the Czech Republic for 2019 was 595,881 meanwhile in 2018 the number was lower – 566,931.

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