The United Kingdom has decided to temporarily close the visa application centre in Accra, Ghana, in a bid to curb the coronavirus outbreak, the UK government announced yesterday.

The latest UK decision became effective immediately, for an indefinite period, therefore new applications will not be accepted from now on, the VisaGuide.World reports.

“We are currently contacting any affected customers to cancel scheduled appointments and arrange the return or collection of passports,” the statement reads.

All the information about service recommences will be updated by the UK government.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the UK government has taken further steps to maintain the situation under control.

The UK government has previously ensured all internationals who are stranded in the country that they will be eligible to extend their visas, the Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced.

According to her, all persons whose visas have been expired after January will be included in the visa extension process that will last until, May 31.

“The UK continues to put the health and wellbeing of people first and nobody will be punished for circumstances outside of their control,” Patel has pointed out.

The UK’s government decision ensured the citizens who are working in vital services, that will be able to continue to work normally.

In addition, the UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab has advised Britain citizens who are stranded abroad to return to the UK, as the commercial flights are still available.

According to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), there have been unprecedented changes to travel advice, initially for 30 days period.

FCO has also revealed that essential international travel will be exempted from the changes in the new travel advice.

According to the announcement, as travel is becoming more difficult due to the decision of a large share of countries to close their borders, further restrictions will be applied every day,  possibly without notice.