Canada’s border with the US will remain closed for at least another several weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced during a statement.

According to Trudeau, this decision was taken through a bilateral agreement with the US, VisaGuide.World reports.

Through border closure for at least one month, Trudeau hopes people on both sides of the border will be safer.

“We are having ongoing discussions on border issues, on supply chains with the United States all the time,” Trudeau pointed out.

Since March 21, the border was shut for all nonessential travellers, on both sides in an effort to halt the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The emergency cases have been exempted from the travel ban as well as the cross-border trade.

Canada has adopted the precautionary measures following the example of a large share of countries, and Trudeau said that Canada and the US are no exception when it comes to the spread of the virus, adding that this will help to protect the citizens.

Ottawa will only ease border restrictions when it is not a risk to the health and safety of Canadians, Trudeau’s deputy and point person on US relations, Chrystia Freeland stressed.

Before the pandemic, nearly $2.4 billion worth of goods and more than 400,000 people crossed the border between Canada and the US daily.

Regarding the border closure, US President Donald Trump said that the border with Canada would be one of the first borders to be open. Trump said that the relationship with Canada is very good, and Canada, as well as the US, are doing well during this period.

The US President clarified that the US would keep borders tight with nations that had high infection rates.

Last month, Canada’s banned the entry for the major number of foreign countries, except US citizens, urging the citizens to stay home in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Canada and the US last month have closed their shared border for nonessential travel, with a mutual agreement to curb the spread of coronavirus. Whereas the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada have taken new precautionary measures to return home all Canadian citizens stranded abroad.

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