Serbia has joined the list of the countries that closed their borders to the most affected countries with COVID-19. The Serbian government has announced that citizens of Italy, China, South Korea, Iran, including Switzerland, will be temporarily banned from entering Serbia due to the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the Serbian government, certain Chinese provinces and parts of Switzerland will be temporarily banned from entering. Still, in its statement, the government did not specify citizens from which regions of China or Switzerland parts have been restricted from entering Serbia, VisaGuide.World reports.

“The Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Bern recommends that all citizens of the Republic of Serbia in the Swiss Confederation, in accordance with the general instructions of the competent Swiss services, refrain from travelling to Serbia, unless necessary,” Natalija Gunjić, spokesperson for the Serbian embassy in Bern pointed out.

Serbian Embassy in Bern informed that the airlines Air Serbia and Swiss currently have blocked the flights from Switzerland to Serbia.

More than 71,000 people of Serbian origin are living in Switzerland, while around 2,300 Swiss live in Serbia, many Swiss many of them with dual nationality.

Up to this point, 18 cases of people infected with coronavirus have been detected in Serbia, with no fatal cases.

So far, the global death toll from coronavirus passes 126,000 while the number of deaths rose to 4,636. From the deadly infection, up to 68,000 people have been recovered.

China continues to be one of the most affected countries with 80,796 infected people and 3,169 cases of deaths.

In Italy, up to 12,000 cases have been detected, while the number of deaths is 827.

In South Korea, the fourth country with the highest cases of coronavirus infected people, the number has reached 7,869 people and at least 66 have died.

Other highly affected countries by coronavirus are France with 2,281 cases, followed by Spain(2,277), Germany (1,966), USA (1,336) and Switzerland (652).

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