Foreign citizens with approved visa applications will be allowed to leave the Philipines even if their visas have not been implemented and stamped in their passports, Philipines Bureau of Immigration has announced.

The Bureau Immigration chief Jaime H. Morente said that the move was an effort to help foreign nationals who need to return to their home countries immediately, despite not completing all the visa procedures,  VisaGuide.World reports.

“I have instructed our Port Operations Division (POD) to allow the departure of foreigners with approved but unimplemented visas, provided they meet certain conditions during this critical period. Their visas can be revalidated and implemented when they return,” Monte pointed out.

The official procedures of the Bureau of Immigration require internationals whose visa applications have been approved to submit their passports so the BI will be eligible to affix their visas.

The Bureau of Immigration Port Operations Division Chief Grifton SP. Medina clarified that the latest decision, in compliance with BI chief’s directive, does not require foreigners with approved visas to have their visas affixed on their passport in order to get out of the country.

Medina said that internationals will be required to present to the immigration officer their valid passports and printout their name in agenda that shows that the visa has been approved. Besides, they also need a Certification or a Department of Justice Indorsement from the approving office, and official receipts to show other details.

The Cheif of the Port Operations Division also declared that internationals should be first instructed to proceed to the BI main office upon return, to apply for revalidation of the visa and its implementation on the passport.

However, the BI lawyer Jing Oliver A.Balina stressed that affected internationals need to go only to the main office to complete the procedure of visa issuance after the quarantine is lifted.

Last week, the Philipines’ Bureau of Immigration urged foreign citizens to comply with quarantine directive, as the country seeks to ease the visa rules, in a bid to halt the spread of the deadly infection.

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