In a bid to fill the gaps of the work-force in the supermarkets, New Zealand has decided to allow international students and temporary visa-holders to work full-time, through a new relaxation issued by the Immigration New Zealand, to tackle the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

For a period of 30 days, the new changes that have been made to immigration instructions will be applied for two groups of current supermarket employees, Visa Guide. World reports.

The instructions of the Immigration New Zealand, aside from allowing international workers to work full-time, will also remove all the restrictions on the visa-work holders that are currently working in the supermarkets to work at an area beyond the scope of their original visa-restrictions.

 “These changes have been made in response to supermarkets experiencing immediate labour supply issues, particularly to meet the increased demand for shelf re-stocking, and their subsequent request to relax visa restrictions for migrant workers,” the immigration instruction reads.

Foreigner citizens whose work, visitor or student visas will be expiring on April 1, must apply electronically for a new visa.

Internationals who obtain work, student, visitor, limited or intern visas with the expiry date of April 2 to July 9 will be eligible to continue to stay in New Zealand because their visas will be automatically extended until September 25.

All holders of this kind of visas will get a confirmation of visa extension through email.

Also, foreign citizens in New Zealand whose temporary visas are set to expire before April 1, will be eligible to extend them to late September, according to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.

Currently, New Zealand is under full lockdown, while the border remains closed for most travellers due to coronavirus outbreak.

New Zealand citizens and permanent resident visa holders will be allowed to travel back to New Zealand, as well as resident visa holders.