The New Zealand government has declined a total of 2,518 visa exception requests during coronavirus, out of 3,157 applications received.

Thousands of persons have been ineligible to apply for exemptions due to the country’s strict measures taken in a bid to fight the coronavirus pandemic, VisaGuide.World reports.

The latest government decision aims to help a handful of groups – partners and children of citizens, Australian citizens, and essential health workers – the chance to travel to New Zealand during the COVID-19 crisis.

In order to apply for the exemption, the process requires those who fit the criteria to submit an expression of interest.

Only 639 persons have been invited to apply by the Immigration New Zealand, while an additional 312 were awaiting a decision.

The government introduced the exemption as an effort to accommodate persons who were not citizens or permanent residents but were facing extremely limited circumstances.

Applicants needed to meet the selection criteria as well as to have supporting proof. Partners of permanent residents or citizens should demonstrate that they are in a genuine and stable relationship, according to the website.

Humanitarian reasons could also be subject of the visa exemptions.

There was also a humanitarian exception to the ban that could be granted. Healthcare workers who are employed by a District Health Board, NZ Blood Service, hospice, or aged residential care facility could also be included in the visa exemption amid coronavirus outbreak.

The precautionary measures taken by the government of New Zealand will be in place for quite some time.

According to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the border controls will be the new normal for some time to come.

As for now, all New Zealand citizens arriving the country and those granted exceptions, has been a subject of the two weeks mandatory quarantine.

More than 18 hotels in Auckland would be used to house travellers in self-isolation, while two were being used for those in strict quarantine.

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