After the border closure due to coronavirus pandemic, New Zeland has now introduced visa extensions that will be applied under extreme circumstances, published on the New Zealand Immigration web.

Extensions amid coronavirus ‘uncontrollable situation’ include humanitarian reasons, essential health workers, essential workers agreed by the Government, residence visa holders travelling to New Zealand, and Australian citizens and permanent residents who normally live in New Zealand, VisaGuide.World reads.

Humanitarian cases, such as a family reunion, will be exempted from the border closure rules, according to the border officers.

The New Zealand  Immigration has collaborated with the Ministry of Health to permit people who have the necessary qualifications and registration to work in NZ.

These people will be allowed to work on the key health occupations, such as medical doctors, nurses, midwives, psychologists, and physiotherapists.

Technical and support staff currently working in a laboratory, theatre, radiology, cardiology blood service, nuclear medicine, haematology, oncology, pathology, hyperbaric medicine mortuary and research staff will be also eligible to continue to work in NZ.

The exemption will also be applied in the support staff working in aged care, palliative/hospice care, mental health, child health and forensic care.

“The COVID-19 All of Government Officials group will identify and consider exceptions for essential workers. This will be limited to workers in occupations that are critical to delivering the response to COVID-19 and/or maintaining critical infrastructure. Exceptions will be decided by the Government following advice from officials,” the New Zealand Immigration announcement reads.

Citizens who own a residence visa and have previously travelled to New Zealand will be able to enter New Zealand.

Australian citizens, as well as the permanent residents who live in NZ, will be also eligible to travel to this country.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister of New Zealand has previously announced that temporary visa holders whose visas will be expiring before April 1, will be able to extend them to late September.

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