Foreign citizens stranded in India will be eligible to extend their visas until April 30, the Indian government announced.

The latest decision comes after a large share of countries worldwide imposed travel bans and border closures in a bid to contain the spread of coronavirus,  VisaGuide.World reports.

“Regular visa, e-visa or stay stipulations of such foreign nationals who have been stranded in India because of the spread of COVID-19 in many parts of the world and due to consequent travel restrictions imposed by the Indian authorities and whose visas have expired or would be expiring during the period from 01.02.2020 to 30.04.2020 would be extended till midnight of 30.04.2020,” the memorandum by the foreigners’ division of the ministry of home affairs reads.

Internationals in India, interested in extending their visas, can do so by filling an online application free of charge.

The memorandum also clarifies that the exit of foreign nationals, in emergency cases, will be permitted and no penalty is to be applied in such a situation.

There have been reported thousands of internationals stranded in India, as the 21-day lockdown restricting movement, has been imposed. Up to 8,000 tourists in India, are from Russia, while a total of 2,000 come from France.

Special charter flights from various cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kolkata to ferry out nationals of Germany and other European countries, will run from Air India.

On April 1, India is planning an evacuation flight from New Delhi to Russia’s capital on an Aeroflot special export flight, SU0571. Up to 1,500 Israel nationals have returned to Israel, and Afghanistan as well returned home more than 2, 000 Afghans.

The US and UK are also seeking to help their nationals stranded in India to return home, amid coronavirus outbreak.

India’s government has also announced it will temporarily suspend all tourist visas, except few categories, until April 15, in a bid to halt the virus.

After India’s government decision to suspend all tourist visas, due to coronavirus pandemic, the Indian High Commission in Wellington released an advisory explaining who can profit from emergency visas and what conditions should be met for application.

See a map of worldwide travel restrictions as a result of coronavirus.