The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged all non-residents to return to their home nations, amid the coronavirus crisis.

During a press conference on Friday, Morrison discussed Australia’s effort in the fight against the disease and the precautionary measures that the country is seeking to take, VisaGuide.World reports.

“As much as it’s lovely to have visitors to Australia in good times, at times like this, if you are a visitor in this country, it is time—as it has been now for some while, and I know many visitors have—to make your way home and to ensure you can receive the supports that are available where they are in your home countries,” Morrison said.

He explained that in order to maximize the economic support that Australia currently has, the country must focus on its citizens at this time.

Even though the country presented the strict social distancing regulations that are being applied all over the territory, several parties held by travellers at hostels and beaches pushed Prime Minister Morrison to hold a press conference.

According to the National Cabinet declaration, on March 29, only two people should be out in public at a time.

The last move will be exempted visa holders with medical backgrounds and other skills that would help Australia during the coronavirus crisis.

 “For those backpackers in Australia who are nurses or doctors, or have other critical skills that can really help us during this crisis, then there will be opportunities for them,” Morrison highlighted.

Last month Australia’s government decided to relax visa rules for up to 20,000 international nursing students.

Also, The Australian Department of Home Affairs in cooperation with the Australian Border Force sought to help up to 2.4 million temporary visa holders working in Australia, whose visas are about to expire.

More than 5,000 persons contracted coronavirus in Australia, and 34 persons have died, so far.

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