After taking into account the increased vaccination rates and evaluating that the virus no longer causes serious health implications, several world countries have already removed all of their COVID-19 entry restrictions.

The list of countries that have abolished all of their COVID-19 measures consists of a total of ten countries, of which six are European Union/European Economic countries and five are third countries VisaGuide.World reports.

Of all the EU/EEA countries, only Norway, Slovenia, Iceland, Hungary, and Ireland have removed their entry restrictions until now.

Norway is the first EEA country to remove its entry rules. Since February 12, 2022, all travelers, regardless of their country of origin and their vaccination status, have been able to enter Norway restriction-free.

Apart from removing its entry rules for travelers, Norway has also abolished all of its national COVID-19 restrictions too.

“Other restrictions have also been lifted. You do not need to wear a face mask anywhere in the country, and social distancing rules have also been lifted. Social and cultural life is now back to normal,” the Norwegian authorities noted.

Following the example of Norway, Iceland also decided to lift all of its Coronavirus-related restrictions. In addition, the country has also removed its domestic restrictions.

“All COVID-19 measures at the Icelandic border have now ended. Thereby no COVID-19 prevention measures will be in place at the border, regardless of whether individuals are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Please note that visa requirements have not changed,” the statement of the Icelandic authorities reads.

Likewise, Slovenia has also ended all of its restrictions, including the domestic ones. The latter’s authorities have explained that all travelers can now enter the Slovenian territory without having to present a valid recovery or vaccination certificate or a negative test result taken before entry.

“As of February 19, 2022, restrictions due to Covid-19 no longer apply when entering Slovenia. This means that the RVT (recovered/vaccinated/tested) condition no longer has to be met at the border, and travelers will no longer be ordered to quarantine at home,” the Slovenian government wrote on its official website earlier in February.

Ireland and Hungary are the most recent countries EU to announce that they would no longer apply entry rules to incoming travelers.

Ireland ended its entry rules on March 6, whereas Hungary ended its entry rules on March 7. All travelers, regardless of whether they are traveling from an EU or non-EU country, can now reach Ireland and Hungary without having to hold any valid COVID Certificate.

Apart from the countries mentioned above, Romanian national media[1]  have reported that Romania has decided to remove its rules too. Nonetheless, the authorities have not come out with additional information regarding the entry rules yet.

As for third countries, Mexico, El Salvador, Bahrain, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are the only ones that do not apply entry rules to incoming travelers.

One of the most popular travel destinations, Mexico, does not require travelers to present any vaccination or recovery proof to enter the country. Moreover, travelers reaching Mexico are also exempt from the testing requirement.

Nonetheless, the Mexican Embassy in the United States has noted that travelers still need to fill in an entry form. The entry form requires travelers to inform whether they have been in contact with an infected person or if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

In addition to Mexico, El Salvador is also one of the countries that removed its entry rules back in 2021. Since November 17, 2021, all persons have been able to enter El Salvador without having to meet additional entry rules, such as preventing a vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test result.

“As of November 17, 2021, El Salvador has completely eliminated the sanitary requirements to enter the country, meaning that it is not necessary to present a vaccination card or PCR tests. Nevertheless, urging its visitors to voluntarily continue to comply with biosafety measures,” El Salvador’s official travel portal says.

Differently from the two countries mentioned above, which have removed their entry restrictions months ago, Bahrain abolished its entry rules just a couple of weeks ago. Everyone can now enter Bahrain without having to meet any pre-entry or post-entry rules. Nonetheless, the authorities have noted that travelers are still required to hold a valid passport and visa if such a requirement applies to them.

Bahrain has also eased its national COVID-19 measures. Everyone is exempt from the requirement to wear a face mask on and present a vaccination or recovery certificate when attending different public places and events.

Jordan announced new entry rules too. Since March 1, all persons can enter Jordan without having to hold a valid vaccination or recovery certificate or a pre-entry test. In addition, all travelers are now exempt from the quarantine requirement. However, the authorities have noted that everyone is still required to fill in an entry form.

Saudi Arabia is the most recent country to announce that it would no longer apply entry rules to incoming travelers. Since March 1, all persons, regardless of their country of origin, can enter Saudi Arabia without having to present a vaccination or recovery certificate. Moreover, the requirement to present a negative COVID-19 test has been dropped too. Still, travelers are required to fill in an entry form.

In addition to the above-mentioned countries, the Hawaiian authorities have announced that the country will also lift its restriction on March 26.

While some countries have removed their entry rules entirely, several others, especially those located in the European continent, have already relaxed their domestic restrictions. The majority of countries no longer require their citizens and travelers to hold valid vaccination proof or negative COVID-19 tests in order to be permitted entry to different public places and events.

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