In an attempt to lure and encourage foreigners to live and work in the world’s most populous country, the authorities in China have introduced a new Visa Program with easier entry requirements. The program has been effectively launched on January 2, issuing the first Certificate for Foreign High Talent which enables the holder a multiple-entry in China within 180 days per stay, within 5 to 10 years.

Under new rules for “China Talent Visa” announced on January 1, specialists of particular areas such as science and technology, can benefit from the program. The spouses and children of the “high-end” recipients are also eligible for the visa.

Individuals eligible to obtain this type of visa must belong to one of the categories below or similar:

  • top scientists,
  • business people,
  • Nobel prize winners,
  • entrepreneurs
  • leading figures in technology-intensive sectors,
  • postdoctoral students from world-class universities,
  • national-level sports coaches,
  • foreigners who earn at least 6X the average annual wage in China (US$14,220)

The application for such visas is free and can be obtained within five working days, while normal visas take months.

The three first Certificate for Foreign High Talent have been issued on January 2 by the Beijing bureau of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs to:

  1. Sajualumootll George –  director of human resources for Asia Pacific at  Microsoft
  2. Chong Gu  – US professor at the Purdue University
  3. Lucio Soibelman – US professor at the University of Southern California.

This is another attempt of the authorities  to make China a more attractive place to work and stay.The reason behind such a programme, is the need of China for specialists of these areas in order to achieve economic and social development.

In China, it is Shanghai, which has the highest number of foreign workers, with about 215,000 of the city’s 24 million people coming from overseas, with Japan as the biggest source of workers in Shanghai, followed by the United States and South Korea. Usually,  foreigners working in China need to renew their visas every one or two years.

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