Internationals that have Chinese origin, who up to now have been able to obtain one year long multiple entry Chinese visas, now will be able to obtain these visas for a longer period of up to five years.

The Chinese authorities have decided to update the one year long visa, and extend it to five years of multiple entry for internationals with Chinese origin.

According to China’s official definition, any foreigner who has or had one parent, grandparent or ancestor that was a national of China qualifies for this type of visa. Former Chinese citizens who decided to abandon the Chinese citizenship for another, also do qualify for the visa. They only need to be able to prove their Chinese origin, through official documents.

The purpose of travel does not matter; one can obtain this type of visa if one wishes to visit his or her relatives, for vacations, cultural exchanges, to conduct business, or any other personal matters.

The new policy will come into force this Thursday, on February 1, 2018. The main idea of this visa extension is to attract more Chinese origin people to come and do business in China.

Official data show that China saw 598 million exits and entries across the Chinese border in 2017, up 4.76 % from the previous year.

About half  of these trips were made by citizens on the mainland – a 6.73 % increase from the previous year, according to the ministry. The Chinese Ministry of Public Security claim they will continue to reform the immigration system for issuing permanent residence certificates to internationals.

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