Brazil and Argentina are examining the possibility of a new visa joint for China, which would allow Chinese nationals to visit both countries with only one tourist visa.

Speaking at the 8th Global Tourism Economy Forum held in Macao this week, Argentina’s Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Santos, said that the visa could be extended to include other South American countries as well.

Marcelo Alvaro Antonio, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism also spoke at the forum, saying that they will welcome Chinese investment in Brazil’s tourism sector and that he hopes this will lead to more cooperation from both parties.

“China can become our biggest partner in tourism,” he said. “We want to transform our partnership, not just in the economic area but also in the tourism area.”

Santos added that there’s a lot more beyond the usual tourist resources that South American countries can offer China, the most notable being the sports industry – namely, football. Both Brazil and Argentina are known for their successful football teams, he said, and together, they could help develop this sector for China.

“We have built trust [with China],” Santos said. “And this trust will create friendship.”

What’s more, the president of Argentina’s Talleres Football Club, Andres Miguel Fassi said that he can see how there are great opportunities in sports tourism between China and South American countries. To develop these, he said his club is working towards setting up football camps in Mexico and Argentina specifically for Chinese children.

Additionally, Brazil is currently in the middle of implementing electronic visas for Chinese tourists, in an effort to facilitate tourism between the two countries.

Argentina, on the other hand, signed an agreement earlier this week for mutual visa-exemptions with Macau. As per the agreement, which will be effective starting mid-November, Macau residents can travel to Argentina without a visa for up to 30 days.

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