US & China Remain World’s Biggest Travel & Tourism Markets Despite 40% & 60% Decrease in GDP

Ten of the world's most significant travel and tourism markets suffered the biggest financial collapse in 2020 due to travel restrictions and "unnecessary and crushing" quarantines, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has revealed in its recent report. Despite suffering a 41 per cent decrease in the gross domestic product (GDP), the United States managed to be the largest global travel and tourism market, in 2020, VisaGuide.World reports. WTTC previously warned that the US risked losing [...]

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China to Relax Visa Restrictions for Internationals Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Internationals who own valid Chinese residence work permits will be eligible to enter the country without the need to apply for a new visa, starting from September 28, the Chinese Foreign Ministry and National Immigration Administration has announced. The decision comes after China started to relax visa policies for some internationals, after ensuring that the Coonavirus situation permits such a move to be undertaken, VisaGuide.World reports. China's government also announced that persons who wish to enter the [...]

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China Introduces New Visa Restrictions on US Media Workers

China will apply new visa restrictions for international journalists who work for US media organizations in China, the local authorities in China have revealed. US journalists in China seeking to renew their press credentials that usually are valid for a year have received a letter stressing that their applications are being processed, instead of receiving a new press card, VisaGuide.World reports. International journalists in China have also been urged to carry the letter together with their expired [...]

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Myanmar Migrant Workers Stranded at Border After Returning From China

Hundreds of Myanmar migrant workers who are returning from China have found themselves stranded near the border in Shan State, as the authorities have blocked access to the main road. The workers - roughly 300 of them - cannot enter the country without undergoing a mandatory 14-day quarantine period, as part of government measures against COVID-19. Most of them work in the China-Myanmar border area. However, despite blocking the border, Myanmar government authorities have made no accommodation [...]

Coronavirus: China Temporarily Bans Entry to Foreing Nationals

China has temporarily banned entry to foreign nationals in an effort to stop the return and further spread of the coronavirus. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that starting from March 28 all foreign residents holding a valid Chinese visa will be denied entry until an unspecified date. The decision also affects business travellers and anyone who does not normally require a visa to enter China, VisaGuide.World reports. “In view of the rapid spread of COVID-19 [...]

Trump Administration Grants Almost Half Less Visas to Chinese Nationals

Recent tensed US-China relations, which worsened during the Trump Presidency era, have affected other areas of life in both countries, including Chinese nationals applying for a US visa, for either tourism, business, working or studying, and other types of visas. Ever since Trump came into power as the 45th US President, the number of Chinese passport holders getting a US visa almost halved, as Washington increased attention to who comes to the country and toughened screening procedures [...]

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Brazil and Argentina to Introduce New Joint Visa for China

Brazil and Argentina are examining the possibility of a new visa joint for China, which would allow Chinese nationals to visit both countries with only one tourist visa. Speaking at the 8th Global Tourism Economy Forum held in Macao this week, Argentina’s Minister of Tourism, Gustavo Santos, said that the visa could be extended to include other South American countries as well. Marcelo Alvaro Antonio, Brazil’s Minister of Tourism also spoke at the forum, saying that they [...]

China Rejects Visas to German MPs Over Human Rights Criticism

Critical statements over China's human rights issues have cost to two groups of German lawmakers with their visas. According to the Bundestag, the German Parliament, its human rights committee has been denied entry to Beijing, Tibet and the western region of Xinjiang. At the same time the digital affairs committee has annulled a scheduled trip to China after another MP, Margarete Bause, is barred for speaking out on China’s rights record. “The message is plain and simple: [...]

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China Grants 59 Countries with Visa-Free Access to its Hainan Island

China has granted 59 countries with visa-free access to its southernmost province, the island of Hainan, which has often been compared to Hawaii, in an attempt to attract foreign tourists and boost island's tourism industry. According to the new visa-free policy, starting May 1, the tropical island will open up to the nationals of certain countries, who will be allowed to enter and stay for up to 30 days without the need to obtain a visa first. [...]

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China extends visa term for foreigners of Chinese origin

Internationals that have Chinese origin, who up to now have been able to obtain one year long multiple entry Chinese visas, now will be able to obtain these visas for a longer period of up to five years. The Chinese authorities have decided to update the one year long visa, and extend it to five years of multiple entry for internationals with Chinese origin. According to China’s official definition, any foreigner who has or had one parent, [...]

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