Venezuelan migrants and refugees fleeing the crisis in Venezuela can now apply for a visa that enables them to reside in Chile, at any Chilean consulate in the world.

The Republic of Chile had opened its doors to the fleeing Venezuelans that now surpass four million, through the creation of the Democratic Responsibility Visa on April 16, 2018. So far, Venezuelans wishing to seek refuge in Chile had to apply for such visa, only at the consulates of Chile in Caracas and Puerto Ordaz, in Venezuela.

Starting from June 24, 2019, on Monday, the application for such a visa can be lodged at any Chilean consulate in the world.

The news was first announced by David Smolansk, one of the leaders of the Popular Will party and former Mayor of El Hatillo municipality in Caracas.

“The Chilean government approved for Venezuelan migrants and refugees the possibility of applying for a democratic responsibility visa at any Chilean consulate in the world,” Smolansk said in a tweet.

He also stressed out that the only additional requirement for the applicants, is for them to be able to prove they are regular in the country from where they are applying.

The news was later confirmed by the Chilean Foreign Minister Teodoro Ribera, who was quoted by the local press to have said that “all Chilean consulates in the world have been instructed to begin to offer visas of democratic responsibility.”

The Chilean Democratic Responsibility Visa is a permit to enter Chile, granted only to Venezuelans. It authorizes its holder to remain in Chile for a year, and then extend the permission to stay. It also leads to Definitive Residence in Chile.

The application process includes filling in an online form, and submitting a few documents at the Consulate of Chile, as a valid or expired passport, one photograph and a Certificate of Criminal Record, issued by the relevant entity of the country where the application is made. A fee of US $30 needs to be paid for the application to be processed.