Toronto has set a new record of more than 43 million visitors visiting the city in 2017 alone, which is 3.6 percent more than last year. According to a report by Tourism Toronto, travelers in the capital of the province of Ontario spent almost 9 billion dollars in hotels, taxis, attractions, retail etc, which makes it 9.1 percent more that in 2016.

According to the President and CEO of Tourism Toronto Johanne Bélanger, every time and more, travelers from around the world are seeing the dynamic metropolis as an exciting urban destination.

“Toronto has really captured a lot of people’s attention and it’s not just as a tourism destination,” he said, adding that the campaign launched last year has significantly helped in the increase of the number of tourists. Only one of the videos part of the campaign, called ‘The Views are Different Here’ has been watched nearly 43 million times on YouTube.

Statistics show that a total of 43,730,000 visitors entered Toronto in 2017, which is an increase of 3.6 percent in comparison to 2016. These visitors spent $8,840,000,000, including the US visitors that spent an amount of $1,763,000,000.

The biggest number of visitors from international markets was once again from the United States, with 2.9 million tourists.

Aside of the US, the top three source markets were: China with 319,000 tourists, the United Kingdom with 263,000 visitors and India with 161,000.

Mexico is the biggest climber of the list with 75,000 travelers from this country entering Toronto in 2017, marking an increase of 72 percent. Aside of the tensions of Mexico with the US government, the removal of visa requirements for the Mexicans was a great indicator in the significant growth of tourist numbers.

Other countries with a high number of their nationals entering Toronto were:

  • South Korea with 122,000 visitors – which marked an increase of 24 percent,
  • Japan with 95,000 visitors – which marked a decrease of two per cent,
  • Germany with 93,000 visitors – which marked a decrease of two percent,
  • France with 84,000 visitors – which marked an increase of six percent,
  • Brazil with 71,000 visitors – which marked an increase of 23 percent,
  • Italy with 79,000 visitors, marking no increase or decrease.

On the other hand, the Canadian city placed along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore, still remains a favorite tourist attraction for fellow Canadian travelers. 10.4 million overnight domestic visitors alone visited the city spending $2.6 billion within 2017, what makes Toronto the most visited city in Canada.

The numbers of international tourists might growth further as Toronto is considering a bid to be one of the host cities for the 2026 World Cup.

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