After the restrictive visa policies introduced by the US, Indians are choosing Canada to get a permanent residency. The number of Indians in Canada increased by 105 per cent in the first 11 months of 2019.

From 39,340 Indian permanent residents in Canada, that were counted in 2016, the number increased to 80,685, in 2019, according to the National Foundation for America Policy (NFAP) analyze of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees data in Canada.

Immigration lawyers predict that with the growing trends of Indians choosing Canada to live, will result in an uptick of the number of highly skilled professionals such as scientists, engineers and doctors, VisaGuide.World reports.

Many IT groups are also seeing Canada as a great possibility to develop their businesses because they are opening offices in several Canadian cities to facilitate the transition for people that are trapped in the visa backlog.

“Canada gives smoother immigration transition possibilities along with the same cosmopolitan life as in the big cities across the US, which certainly helps,” Indian physician Ravi Bhat, who has been working different cities across America, says.

Bhat added that Canada has a world-class education system, which is a boon for those who have families on H-4 visas (dependent).

“Besides it (Canada) has a world-class education system which is a boon for those who have families on H-4 (dependent) visas here and fear that their kids may age out leaving them to fend for their student visas,” Bhat added.

Racism and gun culture in America is another two important worries for Indian citizens and additional reasons why they are opting for Canada as a better place of living.

Moreover, Canada’s points-based immigration system prioritizes Indians who have a higher education degree together with foreign experience of work.

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