Canada’s ruling party, the Liberal Party, seemingly supports the possible introduction of visa-free travel to Ukrainian citizens, reports Ukrainian media outlet, Ukrinform.

This is stated on the official response of the Liberal Party directed to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, which reads:

“During the visit of President Zelensky to Canada in July, our government discussed facilitating the requirements that Ukrainian citizens need to meet for traveling to Canada. Our party is convinced of the need to continue these discussions and to advance as quickly as possible to facilitate travels to Canada, including the possible introduction of a visa-free regime in the future.”

Canadians have been able to visit Ukraine visa-free since 2005 but the Canadian government has not reciprocated the decision as of yet.

However, in July 2019, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss facilitating travel for Ukrainian citizens. Discussions included the introduction of a Youth Mobility Agreement between the two counties which would enable Ukrainians aged 18-35 to get a 12-month residence visa to work and study in Canada.

Zelensky told Trudeau at the time that obtaining a Canadian visa is “just as hard as getting tickets to an NHL game,” adding that he understands the concerns on Canada’s side, but believes they will “find the right solution and guarantee that [Ukrainian] youths will return home” because it is them who are “primarily interested in this.”

Back in July, Zelensky also said that the Canadian government has proposed the inclusion of Ukraine in their Trusted Travelers program, which grants a simplified procedure for arrival in Canada.

“We consider this another step towards the future visa-free regime with Canada,” said Zelensky.

The Youth Mobility Agreement between Ukraine and Canada is expected to come into force in the upcoming months. Ukraine is actually already listed as a country eligible for the Working Holiday Visa on Canada’s Immigration website, although it states currently they do not accept applications.

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