Canada Visa/Passport News

Canadian Passport Ranked 5th Most Powerful In the World

The latest updates to the Henley Index Passports show that Canadian passport holders are among the luckiest travelers in the world. The index, which is a regularly updated list that ranks passports according to the number of countries that their holders are able to visit without a visa, ranks the Canadian passport as the fifth most powerful in the world. Canadian citizens, who share the fifth place together with Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland passport holders, can visit [...]

Canada to implement new visa requirements by July 31

The Canadian government has introduced new visa requirements for the nationals of European, African and Middle Eastern countries, who wish to enter Canada. The new requirements, which are expected to come into force by July 31, include the submission or biometrics when applying for a visitor or student visa, work permit and residence to Canada. The collection of biometrics, which permits the Government of Canada to effectively manage identity, facilitate application processing and to make the entrance [...]

Canada Temporary Resident Visa Refusals on the Rise

A report published recently in the issuance of Canada visas, shows that the country has refused more than a quarter of all the temporary resident visa applications it received in 2017 alone. Moreover, it rejected another 30% of the applications for the same type of visa, that it received during the three first months of 2018. The figures in the report, which is based on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data, show that alongside with the [...]

Canada to open Visa Application Centers to facilitate increased demand for biometrics

Canada has decided to expand its biometrics scheme in order to strengthen the immigration program through effective screening. The country will also apply some changes to the immigration policies in order to facilitate application processing for foreigners that wish to enter the country, while attempting not to lose the confidence of public. Starting from July 31, nationals from countries of Europe, Africa and Middle East, will have to provide their biometrics, digital photo and fingerprints, when applying [...]

Canada speeds up student visa process for Indians

Nationals of four countries, who wish to study in Canada, will benefit from a new, quicker and simpler visa processing mechanism introduced lately. The new program allows the processing time for study permits for 15 days less, than it did previously. Now, the nationals of India, China, Vietnam and Philippines who prove they have the language skills and the financial resources to academically succeed in Canada, can get a visa within 45 days by opting for the [...]

Record of 43 Million Tourists Visited Toronto Last Year

Toronto has set a new record of more than 43 million visitors visiting the city in 2017 alone, which is 3.6 percent more than last year. According to a report by Tourism Toronto, travelers in the capital of the province of Ontario spent almost 9 billion dollars in hotels, taxis, attractions, retail etc, which makes it 9.1 percent more that in 2016. According to the President and CEO of Tourism Toronto Johanne BĂ©langer, every time and more, [...]