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Trudeau: US-Canada Border to Stay Closed for Some More Weeks

Canada’s border with the US will remain closed for at least another several weeks due to the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced during a statement. According to Trudeau, this decision was taken through a bilateral agreement with the US, VisaGuide.World reports. Through border closure for at least one month, Trudeau hopes people on both sides of the border will be safer. “We are having ongoing discussions on border issues, on supply chains with [...]

Canada Sets New Immigration Instructions Due to Coronavirus

The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada have taken new precautionary measures to return home all Canadian citizens abroad, as well as their families by refinding new measures for citizenship, permanent residence and temporary residence amid coronavirus. While the main number of countries closed their borders as a response to coronavirus crisis, Canada is looking forward to bring their citizens back home, VisaGuide.World reports. The IRCC is working with essential staff only and for Immigration and citizenship applications [...]

US, Canada Close Common Border Due to COVID-19

Canada and the US have closed their shared border for nonessential travel, with mutual agreement. The decision came in a bid to halt the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. Soon after the governments of both countries announced their last move, for some citizens it caused confusion and uncertainty, what does "nonessential travel" exactly means?! Nonessential travel signifies that the border between Vermont and Quebec will be ineligible for crossing unless for essential travel or trucking. Travellers who [...]

Canada to Ban Entry for Most Foreign Countries Due to COVID-19

Canada's government decided to close its borders to the major number of foreign countries, except US citizens, urging people to stay home in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus. Justin Trudeau, Canada's Prime Minister pointed out that its country has taken "increasingly aggressive" steps tightening the border control for non-Canadian citizens. This decision will come into force on Wednesday. Canada's PM  also urged citizens to maintain the calm and stay home while he addressed Canadians [...]

2019: Canada Marks Third Consecutive Record in Tourism

Canada broke its record of tourism for the third consecutive year, with 22.1 million travellers and $104.9 billion in tourism expenditures in 2019, according to Canada's national marketing organization Destination Canada. “...this record number of arrivals shows once more that tourism is a strong and sustainable sector that benefits businesses and communities, large and small, across Canada,” Mélanie Joly, Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages pointed out. In 2018, Canada marked a record of the tourism [...]

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Number of Permanent Indian Residents in Canada Increases

After the restrictive visa policies introduced by the US, Indians are choosing Canada to get a permanent residency. The number of Indians in Canada increased by 105 per cent in the first 11 months of 2019. From 39,340 Indian permanent residents in Canada, that were counted in 2016, the number increased to 80,685, in 2019, according to the National Foundation for America Policy (NFAP) analyze of Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees data in Canada. Immigration lawyers predict that [...]

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Canada’s Liberal Party Supports Granting Visa-free Travel to Ukrainian citizens

Canada’s ruling party, the Liberal Party, seemingly supports the possible introduction of visa-free travel to Ukrainian citizens, reports Ukrainian media outlet, Ukrinform. This is stated on the official response of the Liberal Party directed to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, which reads: “During the visit of President Zelensky to Canada in July, our government discussed facilitating the requirements that Ukrainian citizens need to meet for traveling to Canada. Our party is convinced of the need to continue these [...]

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Canada Wants to Welcome More Than 1 Million New Immigrants in the Next Three Years

While many of the economically developed countries are comping up with anti-immigration policies, Canada has decided to welcome more than 1 million immigrants within the next 3 years. The Canadian minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen presented to the parliament the annual report on immigration.  Minister Hussen, who immigrated to Canada as a 16 years old, said that newcomers have always been welcomed in Canada. “Today, Canada faces new challenges such as an ageing population [...]

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Canada to increase annual immigration to 350k by 2021

The Government of Canada has released details on its immigration levels plan for 2019-2021 period, which replaces the three-year plan introduced in fall 2017. Through the new immigration plan, the government intends to take in 40k more immigrants in Canada in 2020, compared to this year. According to a notice issued by the Government of Canada, the new immigration levels plan is designed to contribute to an immigration system that strengthens the Canadian middle class through economic [...]

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Canada to Start Taking Biometric Information of Indian Visa Applicants

Indian nationals and of several Asian countries will have to submit their biometric information upon the submission of their Canada visa application. The new measures, which come into force on December 31, 2018, will be applied to Indian nationals under the sole purpose of identification. The requirement will apply to all those lodging their application for a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit, permanent residence or asylum in the country. The official website of the government [...]

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