The Bulgarian Deputy Foreign Minister Georg Georgiev and the Ecuadorian Ambassador to Bulgaria Maria del Carmen Gonzalez Cabal have signed an agreement on visa waivers for holders of diplomatic, service and official passports.

From now on, Bulgarian and Ecuadorian holders of diplomatic, service and official passports will be exempted from the short-stay visa requirement. Therefore, they will be able to enter, transit, reside or leave for a period not exceeding 90 days within any period of 180 days, in the territory of the other country, VisaGuide.World reports.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Bulgaria Georg Georgiev stressed that this agreement is a positive step in the development of bilateral relations between both countries. According to him, the document will give impetus to the intensification of the traditionally good political dialogue, as well as the business contacts between Bulgaria and Ecuador.

Ecuadorian Ambassador Gonzalez Cabial said that her country is working to facilitate the travel of its citizens to Europe, the first step is taken in 2016 with the signing of a trade agreement with the European Union.

“It’s hard to do business when you don’t know the other side,” Ecuadorian Ambassador pointed out upon the signing of the agreement.

Through the agreement signed between both countries, also will be created preconditions for the development of dialogue in fields such as science and technology.

Bulgaria is also seeking to join the European Union borderless area of Schengen Zone, but such a thing has not happened up to this point.

In 2018, the European members approved the accession of Bulgaria into the Schengen Area, in its plenary session on December 11. With a majority of votes, EP members approved a call for the swift of admission of Bulgaria into the Schengen zone.

Last year, Bulgaria temporarily backed off from its effort to become a member of Schengen Zone, due to fears that the country may go through a migrant invasion, as soon as it joins the Schengen Zone.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov had stressed that it is not convenient for Bulgaria to become a Schengen Zone member because the accession could cause a massive influx of migrants into the country.

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