Haitians who intend to live in Brazil from now on will receive priority treatment by the Brazilian government.

According to the decree, which has been published in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government and is authorized by the Itamaraty, the Ministries of Justice, Public Security, and Labor, the visa can only be issued for two years. After two years, the humanitarian visa that is going to be issued at the Brazilian Embassy in Haiti’s capital, will be transformed into an indefinite residence permit, upon the completion of two years in Brazil of the visa holder.

The Ministry intends to tighten control of humanitarian policy for Haiti in the field of migration in order to be able to prevent illegal and dangerous routes in Brazil.

After the deadly earthquake that took place in 2010 in Haiti, the number of Haitians trying to migrate to Brazil, and choosing illegal routes, grew. In 2012, Brazil decided to create a humanitarian visa, which could be obtained at the Brazilian Embassy in Port-au-Prince. Initially, only 1,200 visas were issued, but later the limit was revoked.

The same rules applied to the stateless people living in Haiti, after thousands of Dominicans with Haitian Ancestries were deprived of their citizenship by a court ruling in 2013, and were deported to Haiti, though many of them hadn’t even been there ever.

Brazil authorities believe that the number of Haitian migrants will increase, forcing them to address the current lack of public policies, for which they have been criticized since the 2010 earthquake. An estimated number of over 85 thousand Haitians have entered Brazil since the earthquake.

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