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Brazil Received a Record High Number of Tourists in 2018 Thanks to Its e-Visa Program

Brazil has reached a record number of tourists in 2018, according to the latest statistics from Brazil Tourism. It is believed that the number has been triggered by the electronic visa program enrolled last year. The number of tourists coming from the US, Canada and Australia increased in particular. While in 2017 there were 475,232 tourists that reached Brazil, in 2018 this number increased for 13.3% to 570,000 visitors. The number of Canadians visiting Brazil increased for [...]

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Brazil Lifts Visa Regime for Visitors From US, Canada, Japan and Australia

Starting from June 17, 2019, nationals of the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan will be able to travel to Brazil for tourism and visiting friends or family members, without the need of a visa. The Brazilian government has announced that visitors from these countries will no longer need to apply or pay to visit Brazil. However, visitors will be limited to a maximum period of stay of 90 days within six months. The measure has been [...]

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Brazil May Abolish Visa Regime for US, Australia, Canada, Japan Visitors

Nationals of the United States, Australia, Canada and Japan may no longer need visitor visas to travel to Brazil. In a bid to increase the revenues allocated from foreign tourists to $18 billion, Brazil is looking forward to eliminating visa requirements for wealthy countries as the US, Canada, Australia and Japan. Brazil has a unique visa policy, applying visa reciprocity to every world country, even in terms of visa fees. The USA, Australia, Canada and Japan are [...]

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Brazilian Government Grants Haitians Humanitarian Visa

Haitians who intend to live in Brazil from now on will receive priority treatment by the Brazilian government. According to the decree, which has been published in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government and is authorized by the Itamaraty, the Ministries of Justice, Public Security, and Labor, the visa can only be issued for two years. After two years, the humanitarian visa that is going to be issued at the Brazilian Embassy in Haiti’s capital, will [...]

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Americans Can Now Get E-Visas to Brazil

The Brazilian Immigration Authorities have launched online visas for Americans on January 25, as promised in October 2017. The United States citizens who wish to visit and experience Brazil from now on do not need to go to a Brazilian embassy or consulate in order to obtain a tourist visa. How can you get this type of visa? Americans now need just a few minutes to complete the online application, which includes the uploading of few required [...]

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