Authorities in Australia aim to attract a large number of skilled workers from other countries during the next ten months, as the government plans to launch a new visa for top talents from other countries.

“This government’s initiative to bring top talent to Australia are cementing our economic recovery. Returning Australians remains the priority; however, this automatic travel exemption recognizes the importance of significant investment,” the Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews pointed out, as reported by Bloomberg.

Since the start of the pandemic, authorities in Australia have imposed among the strictest preventive measures in order to halt the spread of the Coronavirus, banning internationals from entering the country. Besides, about 38,000 Australians were still stranded in other countries, based on the data published in late July, VisaGuide.World reports.

According to the figures published by the World Health Organization, Australia has reported a total of 1,885 COVID-19 infection cases and 12 deaths in the last 24 hours.

The same source shows that the country has registered a total of 80,402 COVID-19 infection cases and 1,128 deaths since the start of the pandemic. Such figures, as well as the COVID-19 epidemiological situation in other countries, had led the Australian government to impose strict preventive measures in order to maintain the COVID-19 situation under control.

Authorities in Australia are continuously attempting to make new changes to the visa policy, while its immigration system has often been in the spotlight of many illicit affairs. Recently, a two-year inquiry report of Australia’s senate focused on the temporary migration, economy, and jobs brought to the table much valid evidence of exploitation of temporary migrant workers and wage theft.

Such violations led the senate to introduce 40 recommendations in order to help the country’s temporary migration system fix such problems. Among the recommendations was also the abolishment of the much-criticized 88-day backpacker visa rule.

Authorities in Australia recently announced that by the end of this month, they plan to introduce the new Agricultural Worker Visa in an effort to increase the working staff engaged in fisheries, meat processing, and other similar industries.

According to the country’s authorities, the new visa will help workers from ten Southeast Asian Nations to work in Australia, a pathway to permanent residence. However, it is still not clear which countries are chosen or how many workers it will attract.

On the other hand, authorities in Australia are also planning to create a digital vaccination passport in order to permit citizens of Australia to travel to other countries freely.