Australia to Reopen Its Borders for Vaccinated Travellers in November

By |2021-10-01T16:46:35+02:00October 1st, 2021|Australia Visa/Passport News, Coronavirus News and Updates|

After keeping its border closed for 18 months now, Australia will finally permit entry for vaccinated travelers from other countries starting from next month. The decision has been confirmed by the country’s Prime [...]

Australia to Open Its Doors to Vaccinated Travellers by Christmas at the Latest

By |2021-09-24T12:16:01+02:00September 24th, 2021|Australia Visa/Passport News|

Vaccinated travelers from other countries could be able to spend their winter holidays in Australia, as the latter plans to reopen its borders by Christmas, the country’s Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, [...]

Australia Soon to Launch Vaccine Passport for International Travel

By |2021-09-14T12:29:09+02:00September 14th, 2021|Australia Visa/Passport News, Coronavirus News and Updates|

The Australian authorities have announced that they are working on creating a digital vaccination passport that would allow citizens of Australia to travel internationally. According to a press release issued by the Liberal [...]

Senate Committee Urges Overhaul of Temporary Migration System in Australia

By |2021-09-03T16:26:17+02:00September 3rd, 2021|Australia Visa/Passport News|

Australia's senate two-year inquiry report, focused on the impact of temporary migration on the economy and jobs, has found valid evidence of exploitation of temporary migrant workers as well as wage theft. Such [...]

Australia to Introduce New Agriculture Visa for Internationals by the End of September

By |2021-08-30T11:32:09+02:00August 27th, 2021|Australia Visa/Passport News|

Australia’s government has announced that it will introduce the Agricultural Worker Visa from September 30 in order to increase the working staff engaged in meat processing, fisheries, forestry, and other similar industries. According [...]

Australia Introduces New Changes to Visa Migration Program That Will Impact Int’l Students, Skilled Migrants & Permanent Residents

By |2021-07-05T09:44:28+02:00July 5th, 2021|Australia Visa/Passport News|

Australia's government has unfolded its new Migrant program for 2021-2022, amid the ongoing pandemic, which will particularly affect international students, partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents, skilled migrants, and those planning to [...]

Australia Extends International Travel Ban Until June 17

By |2021-03-03T17:45:57+02:00March 3rd, 2021|Australia Visa/Passport News|

Australia's government has decided to extend its international travel ban until June 17, 2021, due to the rough spread of the Coronavirus disease and its new strains in other territories, the country's Health [...]

Australia to Refund Visa Fees for Temporary Visa Holders Affected by Entry Restrictions

By |2020-10-13T15:01:35+02:00October 13th, 2020|Australia Visa/Passport News|

Temporary visa holders who are ineligible to return to Australia due to the Coronavirus pandemic restrictions will be refunded or waived from the visa application charge (VAC) next time they apply for a [...]

Australian Government Promises That Will Not Prohibit Entry for Non-English-Speaking Spouses

By |2020-10-09T10:02:41+02:00October 9th, 2020|Australia Visa/Passport News|

Australia has announced that internationals maintaining a relationship with an Australian citizen, will be ineligible to enter the country through the partner visa program if they do not know the English language, the [...]

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