Starting from today, May 1, internationals planning to enter Albania will no longer be subject to COVID-19 measures after the country’s government decided to abolish them.

Albanian authorities’ decision comes as part of efforts to further facilitate the travel process ahead of the summer season, VisaGuide.World reports.

Albania’s Federal Foreign Office previously confirmed that the country would lift all the COVID-19 measures on May 1.

The abolishment of restrictions imposed in an effort to halt the further spread of the virus means that all travelers planning to enter Albania will no longer be obliged to present valid proof which shows they have completed their immunization process against the virus. Besides, travelers are also exempted from the requirement to present a proof of recovery or a negative result of the COVID-19 test upon their arrival.

The lifting of the restrictions also means that the requirement to wear a mandatory face mask in public transport has also been lifted.

According to the figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 275,002 people in Albania have tested positive for the Coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. 

WHO figures have also revealed that since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, a total of 3,496 people in Albania have lost their lives.

In addition, the figures provided by the same organization show that since January 3, a total of 2,827,275 vaccine doses have been administered.

However, despite such figures, authorities in Albania have decided to ease the restrictions imposed due to the virus, following the example of other countries worldwide, and consider the virus more like an endemic disease.

Even though the epidemiological situation in Albania has started to ameliorate, authorities in the country have urged all citizens to get vaccinated as the main means of protection against the virus, especially to avoid severe cases, as reported by Tirana news. 

“We still have the circulation of BA1 strain, BA2 strain, and despite the very good epidemiological situation, Covid-19 strains are undergoing constant mutations. Therefore, the risk remains,” Department of Infectious Diseases Director Silva Bino said in this regard.

Besides, the Technical Committee of Experts said that the Vaccination Committee recommended “carrying out the fourth dose for citizens over 60 years of age and those with compromised immune systems according to the family doctor’s recommendation.”

Authorities in Albania expect to receive a larger number of international visitors this year due to the abolishment of the travel restrictions, and thus help the country’s travel and tourism industry recover from the damages caused by the virus.

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