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//Worldwide Passport & Visa News and Updates

H-1B: Apple wins fight to get ‘immigration scheme’ whistleblower lawsuit thrown out

Tech companies, Apple and Infosys, have won a case, in which they were sued by a whistleblower for allegedly bringing trainers into the US, illegally and fraudulently, to avoid the expense and difficulty of obtaining H-1B visas. Judge Lucy Koh of the US District Court in San Jose ruled last Tuesday that the lawsuit filed in 2016 by former Apple employee Carl Krawitt, contained inflammatory claims. In the lawsuit, whistleblower Krawitt claimed that Apple “schemed” and “conspired” [...]

October 20th, 2018|H1B Visa News|

French government warns UK citizens will need visas in case of no-deal Brexit

British citizens will have to obtain long-stay visas to France for stays longer than three months, in case of a no deal Brexit. According to a bill published this month by the government of France, which was introduced as a preemptive bid to avoid no-deal chaos, in case of a no deal Brexit, Britons would become third country nationals. Thus, they would need long-stay visas, for stays longer than three months. As per Britons already residing in [...]

UK set to double health surcharge from December for non-EU citizens

Those immigrating to the United Kingdom will have to pay a double health surcharge, starting December this year. The UK Home Office is planning to increase the fee for Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) from 200 pounds to 400 per year. Whereas, students to whom the reduced fee of 150 pounds applies, will have to pay 300 pounds per year. The new changes will affect all nationals from non-European Union countries, including professionals. The IHS, a policy introduced [...]

60 world countries offering visa-free entry to Indians

Home to a population of 1.324 billion, India has also given to the world 4.7 million tourists in 2017 alone. However, Indian tourists often face difficulties traveling abroad due to visa requirements set by countries across the globe. Despite of being one of the largest South Asian countries, India has failed in reaching visa-free agreements with most of the worlds countries. Thus, its passport is listed in the 81th place, out of 106 positions, in the list [...]

Japan to introduce electronic visa system in a bid to attract more tourists

The Japanese Government is planning to introduce an Electronic System for tourist visa applications by mid-2020. Such a move has been undertaken by the competent authorities, in a bid to achieve the goal of hosting 40 million foreign visitors per year in 2020 and 60 million by 2030. The electronic system will be implemented in April 2020, ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games set to be held in Tokyo. The games are expected to cause a [...]

US IT organization sues USICS for violating H-1B visa policies

ITServe Alliance, a non-profit trade association of over a thousand companies in the IT service sector has sued the United States Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) for granting H-1B applicants with visas valid for less than three years. The lawsuit petition filed by ITServe Alliance claims that there were cases in which the USCIS issued H-1B visas valid for periods shorter than three years. According to the US immigration policies, H-1B visas are granted to applicants for [...]

October 15th, 2018|H1B Visa News|

Iraq to sign new visa-free agreements in a bid to improve its passport stregth

Placed at the bottom of the list of world's most powerful passports for years now, Iraq has finally decided to take measures in this regard. According to the spokesperson of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry Ahmed Mahjoub, the ministry where he works is already making efforts to secure visa-free traveling to more countries for its citizens. Mahjoub said on Thursday that Iraqi citizens would be able to travel to several new countries without a visa, starting next year [...]

Japanese Passport is now the Strongest in the World

Japan is now the country with the most powerful passport in the world, leaving Singapore the second and Germany the third, the latest updates on the Henley Passport Index show. The Japanese passport holders can now enter 190 world countries visa-free or by obtaining a visa-on-arrival, while they could do so with 180 countries in February, and 189 in May. The country has been switching between the first, second, and third position in this list with Singapore [...]

Canada to Start Taking Biometric Information of Indian Visa Applicants

Indian nationals and of several Asian countries will have to submit their biometric information upon the submission of their Canada visa application. The new measures, which come into force on December 31, 2018, will be applied to Indian nationals under the sole purpose of identification. The requirement will apply to all those lodging their application for a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit, permanent residence or asylum in the country. The official website of the government [...]

US ends diplomatic visas for UN same-sex partners

LGBT persons remaining in the US as civil partners of foreign diplomats and United Nations employees will have to marry their partners, or leave by December 31. A change that went into effect last Monday reverses rules instituted by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2009, which permitted UN workers to bring their same-sex partners in US. The move comes following a memo sent to United Nations employees last month. The memo announced that only married [...]

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