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//Worldwide Passport & Visa News and Updates

EU Does Not Support Albania’s Citizenship-Selling Plans

Officials of the European Union have implied that the block does not support plans of Albania’s Primer Edi Rama to start selling Albanian passports to foreign rich investors, through a few statements in response to the local media. According to the EU Commissioner for Justice Vera Jourova investor citizenship schemes in EU candidate countries raise concerns about certain inherent risks, in particular as regards security, money laundering, tax evasion, and corruption. “Due to the prospect of future [...]

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Greece Golden Visas Sales Mark Sharp Increase

Being one of the cheapest and most convenient Golden Visas offered by a European Union member state, the Greek Golden Visa has marked a sharp increase in terms of issuance, this year so far. Data shows that the Greek government issued 2,008 residence permits to persons who invested in Greece a minimum of €250,000 euro in 2019. There is a highlighted increase in Golden Visa issuance in the last few months in particular from the beginning of [...]

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USCIS to Implement H-1B e-Registration Process for Fiscal Year 2021 Cap Season

Employers of H-1B Visa applicants will need to register electronically before proceeding with any other step to apply for a H-1B visa in the 2021 Cap Season, after the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that they have completed a successful pilot testing phase of the electronic registration process, thus implementing it in the next H-1B lottery. According to a press release of the USCIS, at the end of the electronic registration, applicants will also need [...]

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Filmmakers Sue Trump Admin. Over Social Media Screening of Visa Applicants

Two documentary film organizations, Doc Society, based in Brooklyn, and the International Documentary Association, based in Los Angeles, have filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration last Thursday over a new US visa rule which required from applicants to submit their social media details when submitting an application. The lawsuit which was jointly developed by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University and the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law representing [...]

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Croatia: We Are on the Verge of Signing a Visa-Free Agreement with US

After Poles started traveling visa-free to the United States of America in November 8, now Croatian officials are claiming that Croatia is also nearing an agreement with the United States for its citizens to travel to the country visa-free for business and tourism purposes. According to the Croatian Daily Newspaper Večernji List, the US and Croatia will finalize important security criteria before this year's end, which will lead to an agreement of visa-free travel between both countries. [...]

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UK Tories: EU Visitors Will Need an Electronic Travel Authorization to Travel to UK Post-Brexit

About a week ahead of the United Kingdom’s general elections set to be held on December 12, the Conservative Party has pledged to introduce a scheme that would oblige nationals of the European Union Member Countries to obtain an online travel authorization in order to enter the UK, given that the Tories win the upcoming elections. According to the Tories, the scheme would resemble the ones several other countries use as the Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA) [...]

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Federal Judge Blocks Trump Admin. from Denying Visas to Immigrants Without Health Insurance

A United States judge in Oregon has blocked a proclamation of the Trump administration that intended to reject visa applications to immigrants without access to health insurance, through a preliminary injunction. A proclamation issued in the evening of October 4, by the White House announced that the US President Donald Trump instructed the authorities to stop granting visas to immigrants who would become a “financial burden” to the US healthcare system. The proclamation stated that the US [...]

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New Zealand Updates Its Pathway Student Visa Pilot

The current pilot Pathway Student Visa for New Zealand will go through some changes in 2021 when the program is set to become a permanent visa category. The Immigration Authorities of New Zealand have decided to introduce two new rules into the program, the first of which is for education providers and the second for visa applicants. According to a notice published by Immigration NZ, starting from January 2021, education providers in New Zealand will be eligible [...]

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DHS Delays Promised Mayor Changes to H-1B Visa Program for the Third Time

The United States Department of Homeland Security has delayed the introduction of a proposal for major changes to the H-1B visa program, for the third time now. Two years ago the agency had promised to implement changes in order to combat “fraud and abuses” to the much sought after H-1B visa which is a non-immigrant visa that enables foreigners to work in the US in specific job positions such as professors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, IT specialists and [...]

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Trump Administration Grants Almost Half Less Visas to Chinese Nationals

Recent tensed US-China relations, which worsened during the Trump Presidency era, have affected other areas of life in both countries, including Chinese nationals applying for a US visa, for either tourism, business, working or studying, and other types of visas. Ever since Trump came into power as the 45th US President, the number of Chinese passport holders getting a US visa almost halved, as Washington increased attention to who comes to the country and toughened screening procedures [...]

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