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//Worldwide Passport & Visa News and Updates

USCIS Opens Re-Registration Period for Temporary Protected Status for Yemen

The current beneficiaries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) under Yemen’s designation must re-register between August 14 and October 15, 2018 if they wish to maintain their status through the extension date of March 3. According to a press release issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) a guideline on the re-registration procedures, which also explain how to renew employment authorization documents, has been published in the Federal Registers in order to guide those who wish [...]

Kazakhstan proposes establishment of “Asian Schengen Zone” and “Silk Visa”

The Kazakh authorities have suggested to Uzbekistan the establishment of an "Asian Schengen" zone, as well as the creation of a universal visa for the Central Asian countries. According to the proposal, the establishment of a common visa called the Silk Visa would enable foreigners to visit five countries of this region, which are: Turkmenistan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Tajikistan The proposal has been brought up by the chairperson of Kazakhstan’s Senate Committee for International Relations, Defense and [...]

More than 606,000 people overstayed their visas in US in 2017

The US Department of Homeland Security has released a report on Entry / Exit Overstay for the Fiscal Year 2017, according to which more than 600,000 people overstayed their US visas last year. The report shows that 1.15% of more than 52.6 million people, who were supposed to depart the country by the end of December last year, illegally remained. DHS Charts show the countries, the passport holders of which overstayed most their permitted stays in the [...]

UK government refuses visas for Edinburgh book festival authors

A dozen authors from African and Middle East countries, who were scheduled to participate at this year's Edinburgh International Book Festival, have had their visas refused at least once by the UK Home Office.  The director of the festival Nick Barely called the act “humiliating and embarrassing”. According to the director of the festival that starts on Saturday, around 900 authors and illustrators from 55 countries will be appearing at the festival. However, Barley claims that many [...]

Trump ‘planning to make it harder for legal immigrants to gain citizenship’

Legal immigrants who have applied for US public benefits may have it harder to become US citizens or get green cards in the future, if the newest proposal by Trump administration gets approved. White House senior adviser and white nationalist Stephen Miller, has come with the plan of introducing a bill that makes it more difficult to become a US citizen or obtain a green card for legal immigrants, if they or their household members have ever [...]

JOLT Act Reintroduced in Congress

Two US Congress representatives, Michael Quigley, US Representative for Illinois's 5th congressional district, and Tom Rice, US Representative for South Carolina's 7th congressional district have introduced the Jobs Originating through Launching Travel Act, shortly referred to as JOLT. The JOLT Act is a bipartisan attempt to increase national security, reform the old visa laws as well as to bolster international tourism to the US, thus making it possible to create new jobs. Moreover, the bill renames the [...]

Indians No Longer Require Airport Transit Visa in France

Indian nationals will no longer have to go through all the processes and requirements for obtaining an Airport Transit Visa (ATV) for France, since they are no longer required to be in possession of such a visa to transit French airports. Since 23rd of July and on, every Indian passport holder is permitted to go through the international zone of any airport in France without the need to present an Airport Transit Visa. Ambassador of France to [...]

House of Lords warns cultural sector may suffer without post-Brexit visa agreements

Post-Brexit UK will struggle to attract talents in cultural sector, if it applies to EU nationals the same restrictions that are currently applied to third-country nationals. A recent report called “Brexit: movement of people in the cultural sector”, published by the UK House of Lords, identifying the potential impact on the cultural sector of post-Brexit immigration restrictions, suggests that UK has to make reciprocal arrangements for the movement of people between UK and the EU in order [...]

New Rule Makes it Easier for US Officials to Deny H-1B Visas

The Trump administration has granted the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services adjudicators with more power to deny applications, by giving these immigration officials full discretion to reject any of the applications that do not provide the necessary required information when submitted. The move means that US immigration officials will be able to reject visa and residence applications, requests and petitions without first issuing a request for evidence or notice of intent to deny, thus not giving [...]

July 24th, 2018|H1B Visa News|

UK to Test Post-Brexit EU Citizens Registration Scheme in August

Some of the EU nationals, which are university staff or students at the North West of England or National Health System workers, living in the United Kingdom will take part in the EU settlement Scheme by the UK government, in order to allow those working on the scheme to test the system using real applicants. Up to 4000 students and staff from 3 Liverpool Universities and 12 NHS Trusts have been invited to become part of the [...]

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