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Steps you need to take to move to Iceland, types of application forms for immigrants, and FAQs

You have probably heard of Iceland, its beauties and its continuously growing economy. And if you have wondered how to move to Iceland, then this article will be very helpful for you.

Note that if you are an EEA/EFTA national, you can travel to Iceland and live here just like Icelanders.  You will still need to register at the Registration Office if you plan to stay in Iceland for more than three months.

On the other hand, if you want to move to Iceland, and you are a non-EEA/EFTA national, then you will be able to do so if:

  • You wish to move to Iceland to work
  • You will be marrying an Icelander living in Iceland
  • You want to study in Iceland
  • You want to join a family member (spouse, partner, parent, child) living in Iceland

However, to do so, you will need to complete the Iceland immigration process, including submitting required documents, paying the necessary fees and attending an interview.

How to Move to Iceland?

The Iceland immigration process consists of procedures you need to follow chronologically, in order to move to Iceland. The process consists of several steps, which you must complete in order if you plan on moving to Iceland.

Here are the steps you must follow to move to Iceland:

  1. Find out the types of immigration, and figure out if any of them corresponds with your case.
  2. Find the residence application form that applies to your reason for moving to Iceland.
  3. Collect the required documents for a residence permit.
  4. Submit all documents.
  5. An interview may be required.
  6. Pay the Iceland immigration fee.

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Note that immigrating to Iceland does not mean you will automatically be granted with citizenship. You will first need to gain residency in Iceland. Upon completing the conditions, you can then apply for Iceland citizenship.

What Are the Types of Forms to Immigrate to Iceland?

Depending on the reason why you wish to move to Iceland, you will need to select one of the residence permit forms, which you have to fill in and submit alongside with the rest of the required documents.

Types of Iceland residence permits according to your situation and the reason for wishing to move to Iceland are as follows:

  • D-100 Application for a temporary residence permit
  • D-101 Application for a residence permit on the basis of marriage or cohabitation with an Icelandic citizen
  • D-102 Application for a residence permit on the basis of marital or cohabitation with a foreign citizen
  • D-106 Application for a residence permit for parents aged 67 years and older
  • D-107 Application for a residence permit on the basis of employment participation
  • D-108 Application for student residence permit
  • D-109 Application for a residence permit for an appointment
  • Application for a residence permit – This form is only used when applying for:
    • For children under 18 years of age
    • For a parent of a child under 18 years of age
    • For volunteers
    • For missionaries
    • Due to legitimate and special purpose
    • Due to the special relationship of the applicant with the country
  • Registration of non-EEA citizens for family reunification with EEA nationals

Types of application forms for Iceland temporary work permits are as follows:

  • Because of work that requires expertise
  • For athletes
  • On the basis of family reunions
  • Due to lack of staff
  • Because of special reasons
  • Because of study
  • For specialized employees based on service contracts

The forms to apply for Icelandic citizenship are as follows:

  • Application for Icelandic citizenship for 18 years and older
  • Notification of Icelandic citizenship for Nordic citizens
  • Notification of Icelandic citizenship for Nordic citizens who have lost Icelandic citizenship
  • Application for Icelandic citizenship for a child of an Icelandic citizen
  • Application for Icelandic citizenship for a child born in the marriage of an Icelandic mother and a foreign father 1964-1982
  • Notification of Icelandic citizenship for a child born abroad
  • Request for the restoration of Icelandic citizenship
  • Application to hold Icelandic citizenship
  • Request for a solution from an Icelandic citizenship

How Long Does it Take to Obtain an Iceland Residence Permit?

The Icelandic Directorate of Immigration may take up to 180 days to process a residence application, upon its submission.

How Long Does the Renewal of an Iceland Residence Permit take?

An application for the renewal of an Iceland residence permit takes up to 90 days to be processed.

How Long Does it Take to Get Icelandic Citizenship?

The Directorate of Immigration takes about 12 months to process applications for Icelandic citizenship.

When is the Right Time to Apply for a Residence Permit Renewal?

You should apply for the renewal of your Iceland residence permit at least four weeks before its expiration. If it expires before you apply, then you will need to apply for a new permit just as you did for the first time. You will also have to leave the country until you get your new residence permit.

Can I Submit the Criminal Record Upon Arrival in Iceland?

No, you must submit the criminal record and all the other supporting documents when you apply for a residence permit for the first time.

Who Can Work in Iceland on a Residence Permit?

You will be able to work if the purpose of moving to Iceland is employment, and you obtain a residence permit on that basis.

The following can also work in Iceland on a residence permit:

  • Spouse of an Icelandic citizen – no work permit required
  • A cohabiting partner of an Icelandic citizen – work permit is required
  • A family member under the age of 18 – can work without a work permit
  • A family member over the age of 18 – work permit is required

What is a Kennitala?

A Kennitala is a 10-digit number that includes the birth date of the applicant. You will need to present your Kennitala when applying for work, seeking medical care, opening a bank account, and even when borrowing a book from the library. It costs about 8000 ISK.

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