Health insurance options for K1 visa holders and fiances of US citizens

If you are a non-US citizen engaged to a US national, you’re likely to receive a fiance K1 visa. This type of visa allows you to stay in the US for 90 days until you marry your partner. However, many people are confused about whether they can get health insurance or whether their partner’s health insurance covers them during their stay.

What Is K1 Visa Health Insurance?

K1 visa health insurance is a health insurance policy you can buy while you are in the US with a K1 fiance visa. K1 visa health insurance is the same as any other type of international insurance, except you have to make sure that this policy covers you during the 90 days your fiance visa is valid in the US. 

These policies can be short-term or long-term, and you can choose for how long you want it to be valid. 

Do I Need Health Insurance With a K1 Visa?

Technically you don’t need health insurance with a K1 visa, but you are highly encouraged to buy health insurance since healthcare in the US is very expensive. For example, the average cost to treat a broken arm in the US is around $2,500, and that is without requiring surgery. 

So while it’s unlikely you may need medical care during the 90 days your fiance visa is valid, it’s still better to have health insurance to be covered and not be required to pay high amounts of money for medical attention. This is particularly important if you have pre-existing conditions. 

Can My Fiancé Be on My Health Insurance?

If your fiance holds a K1 visa, they can’t be covered by your health insurance. This is because, In most cases, health insurance companies require policyholders to have lived at least six months in the US. In addition, you can’t even include them in the same policy that your employer provides for you until you are legally married. As a result, your fiance has to buy an international health insurance policy that covers them during their 90-day stay.  

How to Get Health Insurance After Moving to the US With a K1 Visa?

To obtain health insurance in the US with a K1 visa, you must purchase an international health care plan that covers you while in the US. Therefore, you have to find an international insurance plan designed specifically for visitors traveling to the US. However, it’s in your best interest to purchase the plan before traveling to America to include travel coverage, e.g., cover for loss of baggage, damaged items, delayed or canceled flights. You can find health insurance plans for K1 visa at Insubuy.

With an international plan, you can usually get coverage for 90 days until you marry your fiance, and you can apply for domestic insurance. But, keep in mind that these plans are not extensive and don’t provide coverage for pregnancy and pre-existing conditions.

K1 Visa Best Insurance

Some of the best health insurance plans for K1 visa holders include the following: 

  • International major medical (IMM). IMM is an international insurance plan that offers coverage outside your home country. The plan can be active from 10 days up to 330. If you purchase this policy, you can access a PPO network. 
  • Patriot America. You can purchase a Patriot America plan from 5 days to two years while in the US. You can get coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions and access the United Healthcare PPO network with this plan. 
  • Atlas America. With Atlas America, you can get coverage for up to 365 days while in the US, and you can also get an extension on your insurance plan. In addition, it offers coverage for the acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Guide to the Atlas America health insurance plan.
  • Safe travels USA comprehensive. If you purchase Safe Travels USA, you can get have access to the First Health PPO network in the US and get coverage for sudden and onset issues due to pre-existing conditions. 

How Much Does K1 Visa Health Insurance Cost? 

International health insurance for K1 visa holders goes between $90 to $300. The price changes depending on the plan you pick, how much medical coverage you want, and what benefits and add-ons wish to include in your plan. 

What Does K1 Visa Health Insurance Cover?

K1 visa health insurance plans usually offer the following benefits: 

  • Doctor’s visit. 
  • Emergency room visits. 
  • Outpatient surgeries. 
  • Hospitalization and intensive care. 
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation. 
  • Travel benefits (trip cancellation, loss of luggage, etc.)
  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions (health problems that appear suddenly and unexpectedly due to a pre-existing condition). 

Health insurance plans for K1 visa holders do NOT usually cover the following: 

  • Pregnancy. 
  • Birth control pills. 
  • Dental. 
  • Pre-existing conditions. 
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