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Vanuatu citizenship by investment program

Vanuatu is an archipelago made up of around 80 islands found in Oceania. The islands have a lot to offer between their natural beauty and many tourist attractions – plus it’s the only Asia-Pacific Hemisphere country with a citizenship by investment program. 

Due to being one of the fastest programs, the Vanuatu Golden Visa’s popularity has increased significantly in recent years. 

Who Is Eligible for the Vanuatu Golden Visa?

You are eligible for the Vanuatu Golden Visa if: 

  • You are over the age of 18. 
  • You have no criminal record. 
  • You have enough financial means to invest in the country. 
  • You are in good health. 
  • You are not a citizen of the following countries:
    • Iran 
    • Iraq 
    • Syria
    • North Korea 
    • Yemen

How Much Does a Vanuatu Golden Visa Cost?

To get a Vanuatu Golden Visa, you must invest at least USD 130,000 in a government National Fund. If you are applying with other family members, the investment price increases: 

  • You and your spouse: USD 150,000
  • You, your spouse plus one child: USD 165,000
  • You, your spouse plus two children: USD 180,000
  • For any additional applicant: USD 25,000 

Remember that the citizenship you gain through the Golden Visa allows you limited rights as a citizen, i.e., restrictions in the voting process and political involvement. 

Can I Get Citizenship by Investment in Vanuatu If I Buy Real Estate?

In 2021, the Vanuatu Government created the option to buy real estate for their Golden Visa Scheme. To qualify for this option, you have to purchase property with a minimum amount of USD 200,000. But, you must purchase a pre-approved property by the Government of Vanuatu:

  • “Pacific Springs” on the island of Efate;
  • “Narpow Point Coral Bay” on the island of Efate;
  • “FPF Rainbow City Project” on the island of Efate;
  • “Milai” on the island of Espiritu Santo.

Be aware that the real estate option in the Vanuatu Golden Visa scheme is newly launched, and there are still a few unclear prospects about the program. 

How to Apply for the Vanuatu Golden Visa?

To apply for the Vanuatu Golden Visa, follow these steps: 

  1. Find out if you are eligible to apply. First, make sure that you qualify for Vanuatu’s Golden Visa program. At this point in the application process, you have to find a representative who will show you whether you qualify and guide you through the procedure. You should contact the expert team at LaVida Golden Visa, which has several years of experience helping their clients qualify for citizenship by investment programs.
  2. Gather the required documents. If you do qualify for the visa, you can start assembling the required documents. Your advisors at LaVida will provide you with the list of papers you have to prepare and the forms you need to fill out. You may be required to submit the documents in two parts: before the due diligence check and after the background check is finished.
  3. Due diligence checks. The Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit is in charge of completing the due diligence checks. They will go through every detail you provided and check your past to ensure that you were not involved in any criminal activities and that you won’t pose a threat to Vanuatu. 
  4. Submit your application. Now, you can complete the rest of the documents and provide 25% of your investment. File the application with an authorized agent in Vanuatu, who will apply on your behalf to the Screening Committee and Citizenship Commission (SCCC). 
  5. Wait for approval. The SCCC takes up to two weeks to verify your application, after which you will receive a letter either approved or denied. If your application is approved, you have to submit the rest of your investment within 90 days. 
  6. Take your allegiance oath. When your investment is completed, the Citizenship office will issue you a certificate of citizenship, and the SCCC will submit a request for your passport. Afterward, you have to take your oath of allegiance, and will be officially sworn as a Vanuatu citizen.

Documents Required for Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program 

For the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program, you must prepare several documents, which include the following: 

  • Proof of paid application fees. 
  • Application form.
  • Six photographs. 
  • Copy of your passport. 
  • Copy of your national ID.
  • Copy of your spouse’s and child’s passport (if applicable). 
  • Certified copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable). 
  • Police certificate from your home country. 
  • Vanuatu Citizenship Commission due diligence report. 
  • Resume including education and employment history. 
  • Medical certificate. 
  • Proof of investment. 

Please note that every additional applicant has to provide a personalized list of documents. You can get your personalized list of Vanuatu golden visa document from LaVida.

Vanuatu Golden Visa Processing Time

A Vanuatu Golden Visa processes in 30 days; it is one of the fastest processing times for a Golden Visa application. If for some reason, delays happen, the processing time may be extended to 60 days; nevertheless, you will become a citizen of Vanuatu in less than 90 days. 

Application Cost for Vanuatu Golden Visa 

You must submit a due diligence fee of USD 5,000 to have your application processed. Moreover, you’re also required to submit government processing fees. The government charges change based on the number of applicants: 

Single applicantsUSD 130,000
Married coupleUSD 150,000
Married couple plus one childUSD 165,000
Married couple plus two childrenUSD 180,000
Additional applicantUSD 10,000

Can I Apply With Family Members?

Yes, you can bring your spouse and children, plus other additional family members. However, you have to pay extra charges for every applicant plus the investment price increases (see above). 

Can I Pay the Vanuatu Golden Visa With Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin?

Yes, you can pay the fees and the investment in bitcoin or cryptocurrency. But, you should be aware that your authorized agent in Vanuatu will transfer your investment to USD to be eligible for the citizenship program. The LaVida experts accept both forms of payments for the required fees.

Do I Have to Live in Vanuatu to Qualify for the Citizenship by Investment Program?

No, there is no residency requirement for Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program. You don’t even have to visit the archipelago to receive your passport. 

How Long Is the Vanuatu Passport Valid For? 

Your Vanuatu passport as a travel document is valid for five years, while the citizenship you gain is for life. Take note to renew your passport after 5 years since you cannot travel with an expired passport. 

The Benefits of Vanuatu Golden Visa

If you qualify for the Vanuatu Golden Visa, you can enjoy several benefits such as: 

  • You enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival freedom in around 150 countries. 
  • You gain new citizenship in 30 days. 
  • No residency requirement. 
  • No taxes are required. 
  • You can apply with your family members. 
  • You can easily apply and obtain a visa to Australia. 

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