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Grenada citizenship by investment program

The Golden Visa for Grenada is one of the newest citizenship by investment programs, launched in 2013. Since then, it has attracted several investors worldwide because of its many advantages and low-cost investment options. If you have the required funds, you can apply for this visa and enjoy the benefits of a Grenadian second passport. 

Requirements for Grenada Citizenship By Investment

If you want to get a Grenada Golden Visa, you have to make a generous monetary contribution in one of Grenada’s two investment pathways: 

  1. A minimum investment of USD 150,000 in the National Transformation Fund, or
  2. Purchase real estate with the minimum amount of USD 220,000. 

Please note that all applicants must be over 18, in good health, and without prior criminal convictions.  

Investments in the National Transformation Fund (NTF)

The National Transformation Fund is a government fund that was created when Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program was launched. The purpose of the NTF is to help Grenada’s economy develop by investing in several economic sectors. 

The minimum investment requirement for the NTF is at least USD 150,000 for you as a single applicant. But, if you apply with family members, the amount of the investment increases. 

Real Estate Investments 

If you want to buy real estate for Grenada’s Golden Visa, you have to purchase a property with a minimum amount of USD 220,000. You have to keep in mind that the property must be pre-approved by the government of Grenada. Some of the approved properties include resorts, spas, and hotels. However, you must keep in mind that you must maintain and manage your property for at least 5 years. 

How to Apply for a Grenada Golden Visa?

To apply for a Grenada Golden Visa, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Find a marketing agent. 
  2. Prepare your documents. 
  3. Wait for the due diligence process. 
  4. Make your investment. 

Find a Marketing Agent

You can’t apply for the Grenada Golden Visa on your own; you need an authorized local agent in Grenada to make the application on your behalf. But you can’t contact the agent directly, so you also need an authorized marketing representative. 

Your authorized representative and the local agent work together to process your Golden Visa application.

Several government-approved marketing representatives do this service, but the advisors at LaVida Golden Visa are experts in securing golden visas for their clients. So, make sure you contact them and begin your application process. 

Prepare Your Documents 

Once your advisors at LaVida have begun the application process, together with a local agent, they will provide you with the required documents you need to submit. You will also receive the necessary application forms you have to fill out personally and then hand over to your representative. 

The documents and the application forms must be in English and, if required, legalized. The LaVida team will guide you through the process of preparing your documents and show you how to have them legalized. 

Wait for the Due Diligence Process 

Once your documents are prepared, your local agent will submit the documents at the Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC) in Grenada and receive all correspondence on your behalf. 

After your application is submitted, the government will conduct a detailed due diligence check on you and the information you have provided. Then the CBIC will make a recommendation regarding your application, and the final decision rests in the Minister’s hands. 

Make Your Investment

Once a decision is made, your local agent will receive a letter with the decision. If your application is successful, the letter will contain instructions on how to proceed with your investment. If you’re donating the NTF, you have to submit the required amount, while for real estate, you have to show documentation that the purchase has been finalized. 

The CBCI will receive proof that your investment is completed and issue a certificate of registration that serves as proof of your Grenadian citizenship. Finally, your local agents will use this certificate to apply for your Grenadian passport, and you will be a legal citizen of Grenada. 

Grenada Golden Visa Documents Checklist 

The required documents vary depending on your circumstances, but the general requirements include:

  • A copy of your passport. 
  • National ID card. 
  • Copies of your birth certificate. 
  • Passport photographs. 
  • Police certificate
  • Medical records. 
  • Other supporting documents. 

You will receive a detailed list of documents and requirements from your consultants at LaVida.

Processing Time for Grenada Golden Visa

The processing time for a Grenada Golden Visa is three up to four months. However, sometimes applications may be delayed for various reasons. Your local agent will contact you at all times, letting you know how the application process is going. 

Application Fees for Grenada Golden Visa

When applying for a Grenada Golden Visa, you have to pay additional fees along with your investment. The additional fees change depending on which investment route you’ve chosen and whether you apply with additional family members or not.

Additional Fees for the NFT Donation 

Here are the extra charges that apply for the NFT investment based on the number of applicants: 

Application FeesDue Diligence FeesProcessing Fees
Single ApplicantsUSD 1,500USD 5,000USD 1,500
Single Applicant + SpouseUSD 1,500 per personUSD 5,000 per personUSD 1,500 per person
Family of Four MembersUSD 1,500 per personUSD 5,000 per personUSD 1,500 per person
Family Over Four Family USD 1,500 per personN/AUSD 1,500 per person
USD 500 for applicants under 18

Additional Fees for the Real Estate Investment 

For the real estate investment in Grenada, you have to pay an extra government fee: 

Government FeeApplication FeesDue Diligence FeesProcessing Fees
Single ApplicantsUSD 50,000USD 1,500USD 5,000USD 1,500
Single Applicant + SpouseUSD 50,000USD 1,500 per personUSD 5,000 per personUSD 1,500 per person
Family of Four MembersUSD 50,000USD 1,500 per personUSD 5,000 per personUSD 1,500 per person
Family Over Four Family USD 50,000
USD 25,00 after the third applicant
USD 1,500 per personN/AUSD 1,500 per person
USD 500 for applicants under 18

Remember: For both investment options, due diligence fees are not obligatory for additional applicants under 16.

Residency Requirement for Grenada Citizenship by Investment 

You don’t have to live in Grenada to be eligible for its citizenship by investment program. Moreover, you don’t have to be in Grenada to apply for the visa physically- you can handle all procedures from your home country through your authorized representatives. 

Grenada Golden Visa and E2 Visa

Grenada is one of the eligible countries whose citizens can apply for an investor E2 visa for the US. For this reason, the Grenada Golden Visa is one of the most popular visas. It allows investors from other countries who do not have an E2 treaty with the US to apply for the visa if they have Grenadian citizenship. 

Applying With Family Members for a Grenada Golden Visa

You can apply with additional family members so that you can bring them with you to Grenada. The approved family members include: 

  • Your spouse 
  • Your children under 30 
  • Your unmarried siblings over 18
  • Your parents and grandparents

Benefits of a Grenada Golden Visa

If you get a Grenada Golden Visa, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Visa-free travel to approximately 140 countries, including China. 
  • Access to the E2 visa treaty with the US. 
  • The option to bring your siblings and grandparents with you. 
  • The opportunity to have more than one citizenship. 
  • The opportunity to apply for the visa without a residency period. 
  • The ability to apply for the visa no matter what your country of origin is. 

Grenada Golden Visa Rejection

With the help of your local agent and marketing representative, your visa is less likely to be rejected. Still, if any of the following situations occurs you won’t receive a Grenada Golden Visa: 

  • You lied in your application form. 
  • You were convicted in another country for a crime which in Grenada, you would receive a prison sentence for more than 6 months. 
  • You are currently under a criminal investigation. 
  • You are a potential risk to Grenada and other countries. 
  • You were previously a part of activities that might disrupt the peace in Grenada. 
  • You were denied a visa to a country to which Grenada has visa-free access. 

Can I Get Dual Citizenship in Grenada? 

Yes, Grenada allows dual citizenship with other countries. But, your current country may not allow you to hold two nationalities. For this reason, you have to check passport compatibility before you apply- if you want to keep both citizenships. In this case, the LaVida specialists can provide you with the necessary information. 

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