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Greece residency by investment program

Golden Visas for Europe are usually the most sought after with the possibility of gaining access to the EU quickly. The Greek Golden Visa gives you the option to become a European resident with the lowest investment price in Europe. But, you can’t apply for citizenship directly. 

A Greek Golden Visa allows you to invest a specific amount of funds in an approved project, most commonly in real estate, and in return, you gain permanent residence in Greece. Afterward, you can use your permanent residence to apply for citizenship if you meet the requirements. 

The most significant benefit of the Greek investment visa program is that you gain permanent residency through a fast-tracking process. It would typically take several years before you can become a permanent resident. 

Greece Golden Visa Investment Options

Here are the options you can choose from to invest in the Greek Golden Visa program: 

Real Estate (purchase)You have to purchase real estate with the minimum amount of €250,000 (plus 3% to 24% taxes). 
Real Estate (lease)If you don’t want to purchase a property, you can also sign a 10-year lease agreement with a hotel or tourist accommodation complex. 
Capital ContributionFor the capital contribution, you have to submit an amount of at least € 400,000 to a registered company in Greece. You can contribute to real estate companies, closed-ended investment companies, or any approved company by the Greek government. But, each contribution has its own specific rules. 
Government BondsYou have to buy government bonds valued at € 400,000 through an approved institution in Greece that will also be the guardian of the purchased bonds. You may also purchase shares or corporate bonds valued at € 800,000. 
Capital TransferYou can deposit at least € 400,000 at a bank in Greece and hold it for at least one year. 

Eligibility Requirements for the Greece Golden Visa

You’re eligible to apply for the Greek Golden Visa if: 

  • You are over 18 years of age. 
  • You do not have a criminal record. 
  • You have the financial resources to make and maintain your investment. 
  • You purchased health insurance from a Greek-based company. 

Greek Golden Visa Application Process

The application process for an investment visa in Greece is as follows:

  • Step 1: See if you need an entry visa. 
  • Step 2: Consult a professional agency. 
  • Step 3: Choose your investment. 
  • Step: 4 Apply for the visa. 

Step 1: See If You Need an Entry Visa

Before you can begin your application, you may be required to apply for a Greek Schengen Visa (type C) to enter the country. For the Schengen visa, you have to submit your application at a Greek embassy or consulate in your home country. The visa is valid for 90 days from the issuance date, and you can use this time to enter Greece, explore the country, decide on your investment, and then apply for the Golen visa. 

If you think you need more than 90 days to make a decision, you may also apply for a national D visa, specifically for future investors in Greek; this type of D visa is valid for 365 days. Nevertheless, which type of visa you choose, you have to keep in mind that you must submit your application for a Greek Golden Visa before your current visa (visa C o D) expires.

Step 2: Meet With a Golden Visa Advisor 

You have the option to apply for the visa on your own, deal with all the requirements by yourself and find a property you want to invest in. But, this entire process is more straightforward if done by a professional agency that knows the ins and outs of the Greek Golden Visa. 

The LaVida company offers you a free consultation to see if you are eligible for the visa and see your investment options. They can help you apply and make sure you obtain the visa. 

Step 3: Choose Your Investment 

You can visit the country and spend a few days looking at properties for your investment. Also, you may choose another option other than real estate- it all depends on your circumstances and preferences. 

If you can’t visit the country, LaVida will help you remotely choose property while their legal partners apply on your behalf. 

Step 4: Apply for the Visa

If you have chosen your investment and you know what is required to apply, you can begin preparing your documents for the Greek Golden Visa. Then, you have to submit your application to the local Alien and Immigration Department. 

You may choose to give someone power of attorney so they can apply on your behalf – LaVida will put you in touch with a legal representative. This way, you can complete the application remotely without visiting the country more than once- you can also have your residence permit delivered to you.

What Documents Do I Need for the Greece Golden Visa? 

You need to prepare the documents listed below for your Greek Golden Visa application: 

  • The application form for the Golden Visa. 
  • Your original passport plus a copy. 
  • Two recent passport photos. 
  • Civil status documents (birth certificate, marriage or divorce license, adoption papers, etc.)
  • Proof of paid application fees.
  • Medical certificate. 
  • Evidence that you have the required means to make your investment. 
  • Contract of purchase or lease agreement for your chosen property. 
  • Documents confirming the details of your investment in a company in Greece. 
  • Any other supporting documents required by the Greek authorities. 
  • Documents required for your Greek Schengen Visa application (if required): 
    • Cover letter 
    • Travel itinerary 
    • Health insurance 
    • Evidence of accommodation 
    • Evidence of financial funds to support yourself during your stay

Document Guidelines

Your documents must be translated into Greek to be valid for your application. You can have them translated by one of the following persons/institutions: 

  • A lawyer who is a part of the Greek bar association.
  • The Translation Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Your documents must have been certified by an Apostille stamp or legalized, depending on your country of origin. 

Greece Golden Visa Processing Times

It usually takes about 40 days for you to receive your Golden visa. But, processing times sometimes take longer- you will be notified of any setbacks or if you need to add other documents. 

For How Long Is a Greek Golden Visa Valid?

The investment visa for Greece is valid for five years, and it can be renewed every five years. You have the option to become a citizen if you meet the residency requirements. 

Residency Requirement for the Greece Golden Visa 

You do not need to live in Greece to hold and renew your investor visa. But, if you want citizenship, then you have to complete several years of residency.

Citizenship by Investment in Greece 

You can gain Greek citizenship after living for seven years under your investor visa. During these seven years, you must have maintained your investment. 

Can My Family Members Apply With Me for a Greek Investment Visa?

Yes, you can bring your spouse and children over 18. But, recently, the program extended to other family members: 

  • Children over 18 who are studying and are dependent on you or your spouse. 
  • You or your spouse’s parents.

Greece Golden Visa Benefits

The Greek Golden Visa comes with the following benefits: 

  • You have visa-free access to the EU and Schengen countries. 
  • You have the lowest investment option for a European Golden Visa. 
  • You’re not required to live in Greece to maintain your visa. 
  • You can apply for citizenship after seven years. 
  • You can include family members in your visa application.
  • You have the right to rent your property after purchasing it. 

Can I Work With a Golden Visa in Greece?

The Greek investor visa does not allow you to work, but you can set up a business in Greece. 

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