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Anguilla residency by investment program

Anguilla is a British territory located in the Caribbean. The region is made up of the main island of Anguilla and several other smaller islands and receives thousands of visitors every year. Since 2019 this Caribbean island has become even more popular after launching its Golden Visa scheme

The Anguilla Golden Visa allows you to gain permanent residency within a few months in exchange for an investment in an approved government program. 

Anguilla Golden Visa Investment Requirements

If you want to apply for Anguilla’s Golden Visa, you have to be at least 18 years old and have no criminal record. In addition, you must have enough financial means to qualify for one of the following investment programs in Anguilla: 

Capital development fund.You can invest the minimum amount required of $150,000 in a government-controlled fund. The fund aims to distribute the money in projects that will help the country grow economically and socially. But, if you apply with additional dependents, you have to pay an extra charge of $50,000 for each person. 
Real estate investment.For the real estate option, you have to purchase a property with at least $750,000. Approved properties include hotels, homes, villas, condos, etc. The minimum amount of $750,000 will cover up to four family members, but for every additional person, you have to add an extra fee of $100,000. You have to maintain your property for at least 5 years before you can sell it. 
Tax residency high-value resident (HVR) program.The tax residency program allows you to become a resident in Anguilla in exchange for paying an annual payment of $75,000. This way, you can pay lower taxes than compared to other countries worldwide. To qualify for the program, you must own and maintain property valued at $400,000, create genuine links with Anguilla (bank accounts, memberships, etc.), and prove that you did not spend more than 183 days in another country. 

Application Process for Anguilla Golden Visa

To apply for the Anguilla Golden Visa, you must submit your documents to a licensed agent who will, in turn, apply on your behalf. To get a more detailed overview of how the application process goes, you should contact LaVida Golden Visa, whose team of advisors can guide you through the process. 

Please keep in mind that after you apply and a final decision is made regarding your Golden Visa application, you will receive a residence card. The card is proof of your permanent residence status in Anguilla, but to qualify for citizenship, you need to live several years in the country. 

If you want to buy citizenship directly, then please consider exploring other Golden visa countries which have no residency requirement: 

  • St. Kitts
  • Saint Lucia
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Grenada 

Documents Required for Anguilla Golden Visa

The advisors at LaVida will assist you in compiling the required documents that you need to prepare for the Anguilla Golden Visa. The number of necessary documents changes based on your circumstances and which investment route you’ve chosen, but the general requirements include: 

  • Anguilla Golden Visa application form. 
  • Proof of paid fees. 
  • Copy of your passport. 
  • Certified copy of your birth certificate. 
  • National ID card. 
  • Passport photos. 
  • Certified copy of your marriage certificate (if applicable). 
  • Certified copy of your divorce certificate (if applicable). 
  • Other supporting documents (CV, reference letters, bank statements, etc.) 
  • Any other additional documents for your dependents. 

Document Guidelines 

Depending on which country you’re from, you have to make sure the copies of your civil status documents (birth certificate, marriage, divorce certificate, etc.) are certified by appropriate persons. Your documents may even require an apostille stamp or legalization.

Processing Fees for Anguilla Golden Visa 

During the application process for an Anguilla Golden Visa, you’re required to pay a due diligence fee and a processing fee. These charges vary depending on your investment type and number of applicants: 

  • Processing fees: 
    • Family up to four: $3,000.
    • For any additional family member: $500.
  • Permit Fee*: 
    • Single applicant: $10,000 (for real estate investment). 
    • Family up to four: $20,000 (for real estate investment). 
    • For each additional family member: $5,000 (for real estate investment). 
  • Due Diligence Fee: 
    • Single applicant: $7,500
    • Child over 18: $3,000.

*Please note that a permit fee is required for the real estate option only; it’s not applicable for the donation investment option. 

Anguilla Golden Visa Processing Times

The processing time for Anguilla Golden Visa is about 3 months. However, depending on your application and how long it takes to receive your submission, the processing times may be delayed. But, your application agent or the LaVida team will keep you duly informed regarding your visa status. 

Residency Requirement for Anguilla Golden Visa 

You have to live in Anguilla at least for 5 years before applying for citizenship. But, because Anguilla is a British territory, you’ll be eligible for British Overseas Citizen status (BOC), which will enable you to apply for British citizenship. 

Does Anguilla Allow Dual Citizenship?

Yes, it allows dual citizenship. Anguilla is a British territory, so after five years in Anguilla, you can become a British Overseas Citizen while also keeping your current nationality. Eventually (if you meet the conditions) you can also apply for British citizenship.

Anguilla Golden Visa Benefits

There are two significant benefits of obtaining an Anguilla Golden Visa: 

  • Low taxes. Anguilla has no income tax, capital gains tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, or corporate taxes. So if you qualify for a Golden Visa in Anguilla, you can benefit from low to no taxes, mainly if you apply for the HVR program (see above). 
  • Pathway to a British passport. Even though Anguilla Golden Visa grants you permanent residence, it serves as a pathway to British citizenship. Having a British passport, you will enjoy several benefits, including visa-free or visa on arrival travel to around 180 countries worldwide. 

Can I Apply With Family Members?

You can include your immediate family members plus additional dependents. Anguilla may have specific guidelines for which family members you can apply with – the LaVida consultants will provide detailed information. 

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