Busiest Airports in Europe

In the 21st century, traveling between distant geographical distances has become a very important activity in the life of many people. Especially for millennials that are very keen on exploring and connecting with the other part of the world. Studies show, that millennials travel more than any generation of world's population has ever traveled. A high number of travelers who make long trips, means busy and crowded airports.  According to national aviation authority statistics, or those of [...]

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Difference between US citizen and US national

For people outside the United States the difference between a US national and a US citizen might seem unimportant, or one might not even spot there's a difference at all. However, for those living or linked to the US this status is of special importance to their everyday life, since privileges and duties depend a lot on one's status in the United States. Main Difference Between a U.S Citizen and a U.S National Though to many it [...]

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How much does a visa cost?

The visa fee depends mostly on the country you wish to visit. Each country has set a static amount of money that travelers have to pay in order to get their visa application processed. It also depends on your country of citizenship, since a lot of countries have agreements with certain other countries to which they apply visa fee waivers, and also the visa type you wish to get. In general, visa fees are paid in the [...]

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What is a Visa?

A visa is an authorization that permits a traveler to visit one certain country, usually in the form of a sticker document affixed to a passport page or a stamp also placed in one of a passport pages. Both of them indicate the period of time one is allowed to stay in that country, the entry and exit date. The visa is issued by the immigration authorities of the country you are planning to visit, usually a [...]

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