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The UK Transit visa is a visa that allows travelers to go through the UK to another country. Individuals who are not from the EEA or Switzerland planning not to stay in the UK for more than 48 hours must apply for this type of visa.

Holders of EEA family permit  and those having a Home Office Document, are exempt from applying for a British Transit visa. Those traveling to Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man must apply for a tourist or short stay visa instead .

To apply for the British Transit visa you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Traveling through the UK only in transit on the way to another country;
  • Have no intention to stop and live in the UK permanently – only to stop in transit;
  • Have the permission to enter that country;

Do I need a UK Transit Visa?

In general all individuals who are not from the EEA or Switzerland, who need to change their flight in the United Kingdom, on their way to another country of main destination, are required to have a UK Transit Visa.

Persons are not required to have a transit visa to make a transitory entrance in the UK include:

  • People who have the EEA family permit
  • Those with a Home Office Document, as refugee or else
  • Standard visitor visa holders
  • Marriage visitor visa holders
  • People traveling to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man with visas issued from the same countries
  • Holders of diplomatic passports
  • Holders of special passports

Those applying for a UK transit visa must:

  • Have plans to travel to another country, but stops in the UK only for catching an onward flight
  • Has no intention of remaining in the UK to live, study, do business, make a visit or else
  • Holds the appropriate permitting document (visa or else) apropos the visit purpose, for entering and staying in the country of main destination
  • Has enough money to cover costs of the visit

People who must apply for a Standard Visitor Visa instead of a UK transit visa are:

  • Those who stay in the UK for more than two days on their way to another country
  • Those wishing to stay longer than two days in the UK
  • Those traveling through the UK on their way to Ireland, Channel Island, or the Isle of Man
  • Those regularly traveling in transit through UK

Which are the Types of UK Transit Visas?

There are two types of the UK transit visas one can get:

  • UK Direct Aside Transit Visa (1 day validity period, single entry only) – for those about change flights in the UK without having to undergo the UK border control
  • UK Visitor in Transit Visa (2 days validity period, single entry only) – for those about to pass through the UK who will be undergoing a UK border control

Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV)

A holder of a UK Direct Airside Transit Visa can stop in the UK only for the purpose of changing their flight on their way to visit another country. They must leave the UK in 24 hours the most. They will not be subjected to the procedure of UK border control.

The cost of application for a Direct Airside Transit Visa is £35.

Visitor in Transit Visa

A holder of a UK Visitor in Transit Visa can stop in the UK only for the purpose of changing their flight on their way to visit another country. They must leave the UK in 48 hours the most. They are subjected to the procedure of UK border control, i.e. to have the luggage checked when catching the connecting flight to the main destination.

The cost of application for a Visitor in Transit Visa is £64.

Application for UK Transit Visa

The application for the UK Transit visa needs to be done from out of the UK, where the applicant has to pursue an online visa application.  Additionally, fingerprints and photographs known as biometric information must be submitted at the application center.

Those applying from North Korea must apply using the application form instead of online application. They must use postal services to submit their application dossier.

Supporting Documents to apply for UK Transit Visa

Documents required when submitting the application for the UK transit visa are the following:

  • A valid passport or other travel document
  • The needed permission to enter the country of main destination
    • a visa appropriate to the travel purpose
    • a residence permit
    • a green card
  • Document(s) to reveal the reason for traveling
  • Document(s) to prove a booked travel
    • a booked onward flight ticked
    • confirmed onward flight ticket
    • confirmation of a travel agent

People regularly transiting through the UK

People who have to regularly pass through UK, they can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa instead of a transit visa.  They will be offered a 2, 5 or 10 years of visa period. During the visa period, holders can transit through UK by leaving the country in mostly 48 hours in any travel they made.

People of this case must be able to prove they:

  • Need to regularly transit through
  • Do not intend to remain in the UK or perform long-term visits
  • Their intention to stop in the UK is to change flights, and they will be leaving country in 48 hours the most (in each transit)

Do you Need a Special Transit Visa for Changing Flights in London?

There does not exist any London Transit Visa or Transit Visa that the city of London especially entails for London transitory travelers passing through London airports to change their flights while making an onward journey to another country.

Regardless of the city where you will be changing your flights in the United Kingdom, you must hold either a UK valid direct aside transit visa or UK visitor in transit visa in order to stop in the UK for changing your flight.

Should you need specific explanations on the subject of the UK Transit Visa you can directly contact any of the airports in the UK:

Name of the UK Airport Contact number
Belfast Airport +44 28 944 84323
Birmingham Airport +44 121 606 7357/7368
Bournemouth +44 1202 579233
Bristol Airport +44 1275 472 843
Cardiff +44 1446 712920
East Midlands Airport +44 1332 442050
Edinburgh Airport +44 131 3443113
Exeter Airport +44 1392 366492
Gatwick Airport +44 1293 501880
Glasgow Airport +44 141 847 5300
Harwich Docks +44 1255 509700
Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 +44 20 8929 3824/25
Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 +44 20 8745 6920/21
Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 +44 20 8745 4740
Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 +44 20 8196 2490
Leeds Bradford Airport +44 113 391 1920
Liverpool Airport +44 151 448 1448`
London City Airport +44 20 7055 5900
Luton Airport +44 1582 878700
Manchester Airport Terminal 1 +44 161 489 2456
Manchester Airport Terminal 2 +44 161 489 6001
Manchester Airport Terminal 3 +44 161 489 2399
Newcastle Airport +44 191 214 4398/4126/4580
Newhaven Docks +44 1273 615400
Norwich +44 1603 268960
Poole +44 1202 634555
Prestwick +44 01292 478675
Portsmouth Docks +44 2392 952749
Robin Hood Airport +44 1302 522300
Southampton Airport +44 23 8062 7107
Southend Airport +44 1702 538574
Stansted Airport +44 1279 680118