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Information about documents that are required to apply for short stay visas in UK

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To apply for a UK visa you have to submit all the required documents, based on which the UK Home Office decides whether you meet the criteria to obtain a UK visa.

There are different UK visa types for various traveling purposes. So, for every visa type there are specific documents required to support your UK Visa application.

Standard UK Visa Document Requirements

Here is a list of required documents to apply for a UK short-stay visa:

  • UK visa application form.
  • Recent UK visa photographs. Taken within the past six months, colored and of passport photo format.
  • Existing passport. It has to be valid for at least three extra months from the intended date of leaving the UK. You passport also must have least one blank page for the visa.
  • Means of subsistence to cover living costs in the UK.
  • Bank statements. Statement that covers the period of the last six months.
  • Letter confirming employment and six recent pay slips. The letter must include the period of employment, wage, job-position, benefits, and company contact details.
  • Proof of accommodation. It does not include paying the hotel/hostel before getting the visa. Give the information about where you will be accommodated.
  • Detailed travel itinerary. Give the information which your travel plans, to the UK along with tickets, places you will visit,  meeting agenda, booked tour, festival agenda, or others.
  • Tuberculosis Test Results. If holding a passport issued by the country listed amongst countries requiring a prior TB test before coming here for a period over six months.
  • Paid UK visa fees.
  • Biometric information. This is needed only if applying for a visa for a longer period than six months. As a part of the application, fingerprints and photographs must be offered at the appropriate application center.
  • UK visa invitation letter. (If applicable). The letter of invitation is written by a citizen or legal resident of the UK inviting the applicant, with whom they have family ties or friendship, to stay over their household.

Additional UK Visa Requirements

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, there are other documents that might be required from you.

  • Earlier Passports (if applying for the visa who needs such evidence)
  • Previous visas. If any.
  • Documents to confirm financial sufficiency for the period of stay in the UK,
  • The Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS);
  • Parent’s or legal guardian letter of consent, if a minor;
  • Information and dates about traveling and returning from the UK;
  • Booked flight tickets might be required in some cases;
  • Medical certificate;
  • Costs of medical treatment in the UK,
  • The place/address where you will be staying while in the UK,
  • Your home address and the time you have lived there before,
  • Parent’s names and dates of birth,
  • Current yearly income (salary, pension, personal business profit, etc.),
  • Places you have traveled past 10 years, and time when each has occurred,
  • Your employer’s address and phone number, if employed,
  • Partner’s name, date of birth, and passport number if alive.
  • Name and address of the person paying for your trip, if applicable,
  • Name, address, and passport number of your family members currently living in the UK, If there are any,
  • The criminal record document obtained from relevant institutions in your country of residence;
  • Documents to confirm the intention to leave the UK at the end of the visit which show strong ties you have with your country and do not intend to permanently stay in the UK,
  • Documents to confirm a paid return or onward trip as well as other costs relating to your visit,
  • Documents of any business or other activities you want to do in the UK, as allowed by your visa type.
  • Sponsor’s evidences on their financial ability to cover applicant’s subsistence costs. The sponsor may be a business, a friend, a family member already living in the UK or it will be here when the applicant arrives. The evidences must show sponsor’s financial ability to cover their living costs and of their dependents and of the applicant.
    • Their bank statements.
    • Their building society book.
    • A letter from their employer.

Additional UK Visa Requirements for Travelers Younger than 18 Years of Age

  • Proof of being authorized to travel alone.
    • Letter of consent issued and signed by parent/legal guardian. The letter must show they have taken care of your accommodation and care in the UK.
    • Passports pages showing their ID data and signature. (Photocopy only).
    • Complete contact details of such home country parent/legal guardian.
  • Full name, birth date, place of birth of the applicant traveling with you. If you are traveling with an adult. They have to make a separate application, but you need to identify them in your application form. You can have up to two adults included as your accompanies in your travel.
  • Proof of having a guardian in the UK.
    • Written consent from the guardian in the UK. Showing their willingness to take care of the applicant for the time spent here.
    • Details of relationship between guardian and the applicant. Give information about which is the affiliation you have with the guardian in the UK. When possible offer evidence such as birth/adoption certificates showing a common family member.
    • The address of the home in the UK. Give the address of the place you will be sharing with the guardian.
    • Full name and contact details of the guardian.
    • Certificate of birth/adoption of the applicant.
  • Proof of having an arranged visit to the UK. If you are under 16, or under 18 with a disability an will be taken care by a ‘private foster care’- a person with whom you don’t have family affiliation with.

UK Visa Requirements Based on the Travel of Purpose

To attend short-term studies:

  • Official letter of acceptance in studies. The letter must be issued by the education provider where the student plans to study to. It has to cover information on the study subject, length of studies, and costs of studies, including, but not limited to accommodation.
  • Evidence of earlier academic education.
    • Academic certificates.
    • Academic transcripts.
  • Proof of English proficiency.
    • English language certificates or awards.
  • Estimated travel costs. Give a realistic estimated amount of money you think the trip is going to cost. This includes, but it is not limited to travel tickets, accommodation, food and beverages, local transportation, otherwise.

A parent joining a Tier 4 child:

  • Evidence of permanent household out of the UK.
  • Evidence of financial capacity to cover living costs for yourself and your child. It you will be funded by someone in the UK, you should show evidence of their financial capacity.
  • Proof of having a reserved travel to leave the UK at the planned stay. (Any of the following).
  • Round-trip ticket reservation.
  • Sufficient available funds to cover such travel costs.
  • The previous entrance in the UK must not have been under ‘the Approved Destination Status Agreement with China’.

To take up a paid job

  • Invitation letter from the employer. It must contain information about the job you are expected to exercise, salary, period of employment and related information.
  • Invitation letter from organizers of event. For art, entertainment and sport performers.
  • Evidence of qualification and experience in the field.

Professors and examiners

  • Publications in the field of expertise.
  • Proof of previous lectures addressed.
  • Letter of the current employer. It has to confirm what your job position and responsibilities were.
  • Evidence of membership in the national aviation authority of the home country. (For air pilot examiners).

Entertainers, artists and sports persons

  • Promotional material of latest public presentations.
  • Awarding certificates for excellence in respective field.
  • Media material and reviews about most recent public presentations.
  • Evidences displaying latest public presentations.


  • An ICAEW practising certificate (PC). If about to engage in public practice.
  • Certificate of good standing.
  • Comparable evidence.

To make regular short-term visits

  • Evidence of the need to travel regularly to the UK.
  • Evidence that the purpose of travel will not change within the visa period.
  • Evidence confirming the intention to leave the UK at the end of each visit.

To get private medical treatment

  • Letter from a UK doctor/consultant recognizing the state of medical condition. It must include also the estimated period of cure and costs as well as the place offering the treatment.
  • Documents confirming that treatment costs will be paid.
  • Medical certificate. (If applicable).

To donate an organ:

  • Letter confirming that applicant is a donor match with the organ recipient. Must be issued by the main nurse/director of the NHS Trust’s Living Donor Kidney Transplant Team. Likewise, or by a registered Medical Doctor engaged as NHS consultant. If there still is no evidence if applicant is a donor match with their organ recipient, the letter must clarify that the applicant should travel to the UK for undertaking the organ matching test. The potential organ recipient must be naturally or otherwise affiliated with the applicant.
  • Evidence of residence in the UK of the potential organ recipient.
    • British passport. (Copy).
    • Residence Permit. (Copy).
  • Evidence of residence out of the UK of the potential organ recipient.
    • Full name and nationality, birthdate, place of birth.
    • Existing passport. (Copy).

For academics who want to do research during their leaves, or to take part in an exchange programme

  • Letter from the current employer. It must confirm your period of leave, and details of your research/exchange.
  • Letter from the host institution. It must confirm they have made the necessary arrangements for the project/exchange programme which will be attended by the applicant.
  • Medical certificate. (If applicable).

To become an entrepreneur

  • Letter of support by a Venture Capital Firms in the UK.
  • Letter of support by an Endorsed UK Entrepreneurial Seed Funding Competitions.
  • Letter of support by UK Departments.
  • Documents revealing the earlier business activity. They must include only evidences of earlier business activities carried-out in other countries which can relate to the business they seek to start in the UK.
  • Supporting documents showing the intention to open/run a business.

To take the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test. Additionally is to sit the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

  • Documents showing the intention to take PLAB/OSCE test.
    • Official letter confirming arrangements made for the test. Must be issued by the General Medical Council & Nursing and Midwifery Council.
  • Documents confirming the intention to begin an unpaid clinical duty/dental observer job.
    • Official letter confirming the job offered.

To get married/in a civil partnership:

  • Evidence to confirm future plans in the relationship.
    • The document showing the address of your future home.
  • Details of arrangements made the marriage/ a civil partnership and payments done for arranging it. It must be accompanied by the letter from a registry office.
  • Evidence of the intention to get married.
    • A booked place for the event of marriage/ a civil partnership.
    • Written communications with staff of the venue.
  • Proof of availability to get married if you were married/in civil partnership before.
  • Decree absolute.
  • Certificate of death of the partner.

To transit through the UK:

  • Proof of having a booked flight to the final destination.
    • Travel booking confirmation.
  • Proof of being eligible to enter the territory of final destination.
    • Valid visa of such country.
    • Residence permit.
    • Green Card.
  • Holiday booking confirmation. (For nationals of the country of final destination).

UK Visa Requirements depending the Applicant’s Employment Status

For workers:

  • Signed work contract. It must include the contract period, job-position, leave period, wage.
  • Letter from the employer, confirming the same.
  • Leave of absence approval letter. It must be issued by the employer.

For self-employed persons:

  • Registration papers of the business. They must show the applicant’s name as the business owner, business establishment date and the sort of business.

UK Visa Documents Guidelines

The documents you provide to support the information you have provided to authorities, has to be of particular standard.

The following are requirements regarding the quality and format of UK Visa documents for submission:

  • There must not be missing pages or information.
  • Letters need to be notarized. Letters issued i.e. by employers confirming employment of an applicant must be of the specific standard. They must be printed in company letterhead, signed and stamped by the director or head of human resources of the employing company.
  • Documents must be original. Photocopies are also accepted but only in addition to the original documents.
  • The content of documents should be in English or Welsh. Translation has to be provided by an authorized translator or a representative of a translating company. Translated copy needs to be accompanied by the original.