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Information about the Police Registration Certificate, who needs it, how to get it, where to get it and more relevant details about this UK visa requirement.

The United Kingdom applies the requirement of Registering with the Police to the nationals of several countries who want to obtain a UK visa to visit the island nation and planning to stay for longer periods (six months and longer).

The residents of these countries must show up at the closest police station with the necessary documents, within the 7 days of arrival to the UK if he or she applied from their home country. Or as soon as receiving the biometric residence permit, in case the traveler has applied to stay for longer from inside the UK, and get their police registration certificate.

The Police Registration certificate is one of the main requirements when you are applying for a UK visa. In this article we will go through the details about this certificate, who needs it, how to get it and more relevant information.

Who Needs to Register With the Police for UK Visa Application?

If you have applied from outside the UK, then you have to check the visa sticker in your passport. If it says says ‘Police registration’ or ‘Register with the police in 7 days of entry’, then you clearly have to register.

On the other hand, if you are already in the UK, and you have applied to extend your stay there, you should check the letter you obtain from the Home Office after the approval of your application. If you have to register, then it will be implied in this letter.

Nationalities that need to register

If you are from one of the below listed countries, then you will need to register with the police:

MoroccoNorth Korea
RussiaSaudi Arabia
United Arab EmiratesUkraine


Obligated to register with the police are also:

  • Stateless people
  • Holders of a non-national traveling document

Who is Exempt From Registering With the Police?

People exempt from registering with the police are also those who have a permission to stay in the UK as:

  • seasonal agricultural worker,
  • private retainer in a diplomatic household,
  • member of a religious order (minister of religion, missionary),
  • the partner (spouse, fiancé(e), civil or unmarried partner) of a person settled in the UK,
  • a person who has access rights to a child resident in the United Kingdom,
  • the parent of a child at school,
  • someone who has been given asylum.

People younger than 16 coming from these countries are also exempt from registering with the police.

Where to go for Police Registration?

You will have to register at the police station of the area in which you are residing. To find out at which police station you should register, firstly you must contact the local police station.

If you live in the City of London, contact the local police station.

Whereas if you live in an area of London covered by the Metropolitan Police, you should register at the Overseas Visitors Records Office (OVRO).

Contact the local police if you live in:

  • England (outside London)
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland

How to Get the Police Registration Certificate?

Within seven days of arrival in the UK, or within 7 days of getting permission to stay there for more than 6 months, you shall go to the police station of the area where you will be staying during your time in the UK and register.

You should appoint an interview, and show up at the police station on the day of your interview during which a police officer will ask you some simple questions. You will need to pay a fee of £34 in order to register and hand in some documents that the competent authorities there will ask you to provide, as listed below:

  • 2 recent identical photographs according to the IOCA standards. They should separated from each other and left loose and not attached (stapled or affixed with glue) to your application form.
  • Your passport
  • if you applied outside the UK you must have the visa sticker in your passport
  • if you applied inside the UK the you must submit the letter you obtained from the Home Office upon your application approval
  • biometric residence permit, if you possess one
  • registration pro forma / application form, if required

The police will record some data about you in their system as:

  • your full name
  • your gender
  • your marital status
  • date of birth
  • country of birth
  • nationality
  • past nationality (if applicable)
  • address where you are staying in the UK
  • date and place of your arrival in the UK
  • passport details
  • ID details, etc.

Some of the police stations might also ask you to fill an application prior to your registration, therefore, take care to contact the police station of your area and ask in advance.

At the end of the process you will receive a police registration certificate, which is the evidence that you have registered with the police.

What Happens if You Don’t Register With the Police?

In case you forget or for another reason you do not register with the police, you will face serious consequences since it is considered a criminal offense. You may be reported to the Home Office for failure to comply with the conditions of your leave to enter/remain in the United Kingdom. Therefore, your permission to stay might be shortened and you will have to leave the UK.

Not registering with the police may negatively affect any future visa applications to enter the UK
You could even be banned from entering the UK for a year or more.

If you realize that you have forgotten to register, you shall make an appointment as soon as possible and explain at the police station the reasons for your delay.

What Can I Do If My Details Change?

In case any of the details you have given to the police during your registration change, then you will have to make an appointment and inform the police. You must contact the police station and update them within 7 days if:

  • You change your residential address and settle somewhere else
  • You change your work / study address
  • You change your occupation
  • Extend your Tier 4 visa
  • Renew your passport (because your old one has expired or you have lost it)
  • Get married or divorced
  • If any of the details on your Police Registration Certificate change.
  • In case your details change you do not have to pay the fee again.
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