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Details about applying for a Home Office travel document from within the UK, who is eligible to apply, requirements and more relevant information.

The UK Travel Document is a traveling permit for foreigners living in the UK, who cannot have or obtain a passport from their home country authorities.

Who Needs a Home Office Document to Travel?

Persons of countries that are not in the EEA or Switzerland, need to apply for a Home Office Travel Document.

What Are the Types of the Travel Documents That the UK Issues?

Depending on your immigration status there are 4 types of UK travel documents:

  • 1951 UN Convention Travel Document (Blue) – if you have a refugee visa issued under the terms of the 1951 UN Convention for the Refugee Status.
  • 1954 UN Convention Travel Document (Red) “Stateless Person’s Document “- If you have a stateless person visa under the 1954 UN Convention for the Stateless Status.
  • One-Way Document (IS137) – If you are a foreigner planning to voluntarily leave the UK permanently, who doesn’t have a valid passport/travel document to be able doing so.
  • Certificate of Travel (Black) – If you have been rejected on your passport application from your home authorities.

COT can only be obtained upon the decision of the UK Secretary of State for the following people:

  • Permanent residents in the UK.
  • Holders of Humanitarian protection Visa/discretionary visa (temporary visa as they have been refused asylum)
  • Having sufficient evidence that they have been unjustly refused to get a passport from the authorities of their home country. They have to show the following evidence, to prove they have followed all the formal procedures and requirements when having applied for the passport, such as:
    • Submitted enough proof their identity.
    • Completed a mandatory military service the home country.
    • Had a clear criminal history in such country.
    • Had a clear tax-related activity there.

What Are the Preconditions to Apply for a UK Travel Document?

To qualify for a Home Office Travel Document you have to meet the following basic conditions:

  • Your Immigration Status. You must live in the UK with any of these UK residence titles:
    • Refugee visa.
    • Stateless visa.
    • Humanitarian Protection Visa (temporary visa after having failed in asylum application).
    • Discretionary Visa (temporary visa after having failed in asylum application).
    • Indefinite Leave to Remain (permanently settled in the UK).
  • Incapacity to Get a New Valid Passport from Your Home Country. You must prove that you have applied for a passport in your home country, and the authorities unjustly rejected your application. You don’t have to meet such a requirement, if you are holding a refugee or stateless visa in the UK.
  • Acceptable Urgent Travel Reason. To be able to make an application for a UK travel document you must have a convincing urgent reason for your travel. This includes education, employment or business, convincing or compassionate reasons, religious motive or other vital reasons to travel.

How to Apply for a Travel Document in the UK?

The application for a UK Travel Document is done through an online application system. As a part of the application you have to provide in the address specified during the application the required evidences and give the Biometric information.

If you need help from authorized advisers on your application for UK Travel Document, you should get one from the OISC website.

Note:  You have to apply for the Home Office Travel Document while having more than 6-month validity period left on your current visa. If otherwise, you must first make an application to extend the current visa validity period.

What Are the Home Office Travel Documents Application Requirements?

To apply for a UK Travel Document you have to submit the following evidence:

  • Duly Filled-Out Application Form.
  • Payment of the Correct Application Fee.
  • Signed “Confirmation of Identity” Declaration. If you are 16 or older you have to sign yourself the declaration, while if you are under that age your parent/legal guardian has to do it for you.
  • Two Colored UK Visa Photographs. They must not be taken earlier than 1 month since the application date.
  • Copy of Your Valid Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) (If you already don’t have one). This isn’t a requirement for a one-way document application.
  • Letter of parental consent (If you are aged up to 17). Your parent or legal guardian should confirm that they approve your will to apply for the UK Travel Document and for traveling abroad.

Where I Am Allowed to Travel with a Home Office Travel Document?

The eligibility to travel abroad with a UK Travel Document depends on the specific entry requirements that each country has. Sometimes you may need to get a visa to travel abroad, as some countries won’t recognize this document as an entry permit.

What is the Validity Period of a UK Travel Document?

This is for how long you can use a travel document issued by the Home Office:

  • Convention Travel Document – Up to 10 years (adults)/up to 5 years (children) or up to the left visa period.
  • Stateless Persons Travel Document – Up to 10 years (adults)/up to 5 years (children) or same as the current visa period.
  • Certificate of Travel (COT) – Up to 5 years or up to the left visa period (adults and children).
  • One-Way Travel Document – 12 months and it’s for a single-use, and you cannot return to the UK with it.

How Much Does It Cost to Apply for a UK Document for Travel?

The following are the application fees for a Home Office Travel Document:

  • Convention Travel Document – £75 (adults) and £49 (child)
  • Stateless Persons Travel Document – £75 (adults) and £49 (child)
  • COT – £75 (adults) and £49 (child), and £75 (for those born before September 1929, 1).
  • One Way Travel Document – £280 (adults and those born before September 1929, 1) and £141 (child).

Can a Parent Add a Child on Their Application for a Home Office Travel Document?

If you are a parent whose child needs a UK travel document to accompany you to an abroad country, they have to apply separately. If such child is aged under 16 they have to make a child’s travel document application, while if they are 16 or older they have to apply for an adult’s travel document.

What Should I Do If My UK Travel Document Gets Lost or Stolen?

If your UK travel document gets lost or stolen, you have to report to the UK police and UK Visas and Immigration department, or to the closest UK Visa application center if you are abroad the UK.

How to Replace a Lost or Stolen UK Travel Document?

You cannot get a replacement of a Home Office Travel Document if you lose or someone steals it while you are in a foreign country.

Instead, you have to get a UK Visa to be able to return to the UK, where a temporary travel document will be issued for the visa purposes.

You haveto apply to replace your lost/stolen UK travel document using the online application service and these are the requirements:

  • Your Biometric Information (if required).
  • Police report.
  • Crime reference.
  • Particulars about the place and time you have most recently had the lost/stolen document.

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